awards and acknowledgements II


So… I’m late in responding to some blog awards again. Probably because I eating sashimi. And hanging out at the beach with a bucket in some puffy blue underpants (red shovel in hand, of course. I like to dig).


Uh, no. As you’ve probably realised, that photograph was taken quite a few years a go at an unidentified pebbly beach in Britain. Before I developed both culinary and fashion sense (though I was rather colour coordinated – thanks mum). I thought I’d add it with some unrelated food photography (sushi, which I made for dinner a little while ago. I took photos for the hell of it) as… well, words just don’t cut it on a food blog.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Huge apologies, both for the belated thanks and the underpants remarks. I do appreciate each and every nomination that’s been gifted to me by my blogging peers. Despite being in danger of repeating myself, I just want to reiterate that the beautiful people I’ve ‘met’ over the past twelve months (almost… my first post was published on May 21st, 2012) have been the most wonderful and unexpected blessing along the learning curve that is food writing, recipe development and photography.


I initially started this blog as a way to archive my evolving collection of unique recipes, experiments, photographs and successes to share with a small group of interested family and friends. However, along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most beautiful, generous, talented and creative people I’ve ever known (yep, that’s you!) and it’s been through regular blogger exchanges of humour, encouragement, cooking tips and constructive feedback that my passion for quality and growth have been maintained.

So, before I move on to the awards, I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time out to share this journey with me. You’re wonderful, and I look forward to sharing many more recipes, stories, photographs and life events as time leads us on… past the one year mark, to many more.


1. The Kreativ Blogger Award

This award nomination came from the beautiful woman behind Live Blissful, an Australian blog that documents the somewhat challenging journey towards maintaining a healthy vegan lifestyle. It’s been such a pleasure reading the recipes, stories and challenges faced by this Brisbane-based blogger… particularly as her partner and now fiance, Marco (yaaay! Read about the engagement here) still maintains an omnivorous lifestyle (argh, bacon and cheese = temptation). Ms Blissful is also one of the most encouraging, generous and warm food bloggers you could ever meet. If you need to know information about specific food exchanges, vegan-friendly products or food establishments, I’m sure she’d love to help you out.

Rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back
  3. Share 7 (seven) random interesting things about yourself
  4. Nominate 7 (seven) Kreativ (CREATIVE. Argh, these weird spellings are one of my pet hates!) Bloggers for the award. Post a link to their blogs then notify them of their nomination
  5. Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog

Okay, seven random facts about me:

  1. I have freckles. Mostly scattered over my nose, with a few on the rest of face and body. When I was a child, my mother informed me that I’d ‘grow out of them’ as my father had when he reached adulthood. Well… I waited. And scrubbed my face with various creams. But they’re still here. I’m trying to make myself love them.
  2. Having freckles can be an advantage when you accidentally get pen, cocoa or other dark-coloured products on your face. Everyone just assumes that you’ve somehow grown some new freckles.
  3. I love red wine. It’s one of my absolute favourite things. One of my favourites is 2% (shiraz with 2% tempranillo) from the First Drop winery in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Closely followed by their glorious Fat of the Land and Sandalford Estate’s Prendiville Reserve Shiraz from Margaret River, Western Australia.
  4. Both Aaron and I love dogs, of all breeds, shapes and sizes. We pretty much swoon at every dog that we see walking down the street (whether we’re on-foot or in the car), much to the chagrin of our friends. We’d love to buy a boxer or French bulldog one day; we’ve been holding off due to the lack of space in our shoebox apartment.
  5. I dislike molluscs, whether they be cooked or raw, in sauce or without sauce, fresh-from-the-ocean or frozen. Particularly bivalves. Yes, you can talk to me about the wonder of oysters til you’re blue in the face but they still make me want to gag (in fact, I did gag whilst sampling a raw one at a specialty seafood shop… I felt sorry for the gentleman who had freshly shucked it for me. I wanted to vomit. I did vomit. Thankfully, once I’d already exited the shop)
  6. I used to hate all ‘slimy’ vegetables, such as eggplant, zucchini and mushrooms. When I was tiny, my mother encouraged me to eat ‘just one spoonful’ whenever she cooked them… I gradually grew to love them, and now they’re pretty much my favourite vegetables of all time (alongside Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach and potatoes). So, if you were wondering, tough-but-kind parenting does work. Completely for the child’s benefit!
  7. I love buying grey clothing. In fact, when my husband and I got together, we both pretty much owned 70% grey clothes (the rest being blue jeans, black or white accessories). We’ve gradually been encouraging each other to include some colour variance in our wardrobes, and it’s working. But… we still end up dressing the same at times. Purely because of our similar tastes.


Nominees for the Kreativ Blogger Award:

  1. Johnny from Feed the Piglet: Johnny is awesome. He hails from ‘The Garden of England’ (also known as Kent) and produces endlessly creative recipes that really showcase earthy, organic produce cooked from scratch (my kind of cooking!). Take a look at his blog and meet both him and piglet (no, I’m not giving anything away. Read, people). His photography and food styling are pretty inspirational, too.
  2. Danny at Gotasté: I’ve been following Danny’s blog for a while now and he’s definitely one of the most encouraging bloggers I’ve had the privilege of meeting. He cooks a beautiful array of international dishes, all with his own signature flair. It’s actually amazing what he can produce whilst mourning the lack of homegrown produce in his home country of Singapore (makes me feel lucky to have such amazing access to farmer’s markets here in Australia). Definitely a worthy contender for a creative award!!
  3. Richard from REM Cooks: Yup, this blog is proof that lawyers can cook! And in the case of Richard, he cooks very well indeed. I’ve learned tons of things about traditional French cooking methods, sauces and other such things from this blog. I’d encourage you to take a look if you’re interested in the finer details of making desserts or savoury dishes with an impressive twist. Baby lady is pretty lucky. And so are we, as we get to share his creativity through the blogosphere!
  4. The lovely Katie from Katie at the Kitchen Door: Katie is gorgeous, inside and out. She’s a perfect example that I am entirely stupid in hating my own freckles, as for some reason I can see their absolute beauty on other people’s skin! Anyway, apart from freckles, Katie is a talented writer, baker and photographer. I love the refreshing honesty in her writing and the generosity in her comments. She also hails from Boston, which as we all know has been in the media for all of the wrong reasons recently. Luckily, she’s safe. And she’s publicised her hometown cause via this post.
  5. Lindsay from Fleur de Sel: Aah! Lindsay and Matt just got engaged! Sorry… I’m getting a little excited at the moment, when I’m supposed to be talking about reasons for nomination. Ahem. Lindsay is a beautiful San Franciscan woman who has an amazing eye for photography and food styling. She’s an inspiration for me, in terms of the freshness of her ingredients and the way she presents her creations. Definitely a worthy contender. And… argh! She’s engaged!
  6. Greg (aka Rufus) and Katherine from Rufus’ Food and Spirits Guide: I love this blog. It’s my go-to site for savoury recipe inspiration, cocktails and infused spirits (the Praline Bourbon is to die for). This man works wonders with meat, as does…
  7. Conor from One Man’s Meat: Now, I’m a pretty recent follower of Conor’s blog, but his brilliant humour, intriguing posts and meat genius have impressed from the outset. If you want to know how to cook meat well, this is the place to visit (slight warning: there are some gross pictures on this site. Conor does not shy away from photographs of raw, slimy ingredients. Browse at your own peril).


2. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award *is the logo for this award supposed to resemble The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants?

Anyway, ahem. This award nomination also came via my beautiful friend at Live Blissful. If you’d like to read more about her, take a look at her ‘About’ page or scroll back upwards. Thanks so much lovely, it means a lot.

Rules for the Sisterhood Award:

  1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you find a joy to read
  3.  Provide links to these nominated blogs and kindly let the recipients know that they have been nominated
  4. Include the award logo within your blog post for the award

Nominees for the Sisterhood Award:

  1. The gorgeous Bec from Daisy and the Fox: I love this Aussie blog. It’s a tumble of fresh recipes, fashion and beauty tips, stories and other things that will definitely inspire you. Bec is only 17 and she’s already full of talent in the kitchen… in terms of cooking, food styling and photography. Take a look and say hello – you’ll be glad you did!
  2. Hannah from Gypsy Roller’s Vegie Kitchen: You definitely need to take a look at the lovely Hannah’s patch of the internet! She writes from the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and her recipes and stories are fresh and fantastic. Love it.
  3. The beautiful Annie from An Unrefined Vegan: This blog cuts quite deep, when you sit down and read it for a while. Annie documents the deeper issues of being vegan (whilst also providing gorgeous, fresh and inspiring recipes) whilst also delving into the complexities of having a family member with a terminal illness in her Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers (borne out of her personal experience with her late brother, Charles). She’s beautiful inside and out. She’ll teach you something. Take time out to read.
  4. My dear friend Viveka from My Guilty Pleasures: Viveka blogs from her hometown of Landskrona, Sweden. She’s got a beautiful eye for photography and also gives us glimpses into her own life… the beauty, the challenges and all that’s in-between. I won’t write too much about Viveka’s content as she can say it much better than I ever could… but have a read. You’ll be glad you did.
  5. The lovely and talented Azita from Fig and Quince: She’s funny, she’s talented and arty (see some of her artwork here!) and she can cook up an incredible Persian storm! I’ve learned so much from the family musings, recipes and stories over at Azita’s blog. She uses many traditional ingredients and she’ll happily share her knowledge with you. I count her as a beautiful blogging friend.
  6. The gorgeous Suzanne from A Pug in the Kitchen: Haha. Check out the ‘About‘ page and meet Izzy and Nando, Suzanne’s gorgeous kitchen-hands (aka pugs). I love Suzanne’s recipes and stories, all written with homage to her Italian heritage and her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. She’s also a generous commenter and encourager in the blogosphere. Check her out!
  7. The inventive Christina from Small Kitchen Chronicles: Christina is beautiful. She’s got a kitchen that’s probably as small as mine, and she creates a whole myriad of amazingly delicious things on a regular basis! I love the honest way that she writes, the way that she draws inspiration from her Greek heritage, and the fact that she’s entirely unpretentious (despite obvious talent!)
  8. Andrea from Middle East Moments: It’s been a few months since I first discovered Andrea’s blog, and I’ve been continually inspired by her journey as an Australian woman who’s now living in the cultural whirlpool that is Jordan. Her stories are real, challenging, beautiful and honest. I’ve learned a lot about her personal strength, patience, her compassionate heart and her love of family (near and far). I’d definitely encourage you to take some time out and read her beautifully eloquent posts.
  9. Hayley from The Domestic Rebel: This girl is cool, colourful and creative. She specialises in sweet (and I say, sweet) indulgent treats, cupcakes and all things funfetti. She’s already got heaps of followers (and she’s probably already been over-awarded, sigh!) but there always has to be one rebel in the bunch! Plus, she deserves it!
  10. The gorgeous Sawsan at Chef in Disguise: Sawsan is another beautiful and talented Middle Eastern blogger who has posted an incredible array of resources on her blog. There’s everything from a cheese making guide to conversion tables and references on Middle Eastern spices. I love the generosity of heart that Sawsan displays in all of her comments and tips… she’s an inspiration.
  11. Carla from eat Carla Sue: Now, this sisterhood wouldn’t be complete without the lovely Carla, from whom I’ve gained many sweet tips and slices of inspiration! She’s a fellow Antipodean (from Tassie! Which, of course, automatically makes her a genuine sister for the rest of us Aussie women) and she’s got a beautiful knack for baking and food photography. Say hello… she’s generous and warm, so I’m sure you’ll make a friend!


So that’s it, round two of blogging awards complete. Thanks again to all of you who inspire and share with me on a daily basis – the blogging network is a wonderful thing. Oh, and for those of you who are interested… I’m currently boiling oranges for a flourless orange cake with lavender and rose ryrup. They smell divine… next food post on the way!

49 responses

  1. What a lovely, heartfelt post! Congratulations on all of your nominations Laura – you are such an inspiration and such a beautiful person – inside and out! I look forward to all of your posts – your love of life shines through in each one of them. Also, I loved your responses! I highly recommend a French bulldog and have also gotten sick a few time from oysters, but continue to eat them because I love the idea of them. Thank you so much for the shout out and for the kind wishes on our engagement! xo

    • Aw, not sure that I deserve those kind words Lindsay! But thanks… I appreciate you very much. Have you had a French bulldog?? They are so adorable. A guy a few blocks from me has a teeny black one and he always lets me have a pat if I pass by. Mutual love of dogs is actually an awesome way to make friends with good people! You can’t love animals but hate people, I’ve decided (but maybe someone will prove me wrong one day! I hope not!). I really am so genuinely happy for you beautiful (your fiance is a lucky man!). Getting married was the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been 18 months for Aaron and I now, and our love and commitment towards each other continues to encourage, surprise and humble me (sometimes I still can’t believe that this man has promised himself to me for his whole life! Amazing!). So glad that you’ve got all of this to look forward to! Sending you love. Can’t wait to read about more of your adventures xo

  2. Thank you so much … Laura – for all the kind words about me … and my world. Congratulations to you – so well deserved … and to your nominees. A big hearty thank you again.

    • I meant every word Viveka. You’re an inspiration and an encouragement to me… so glad to have met you. Wish I could deliver you a casserole or some home baked cookies face-to-face!! xx

  3. Laura, congratulations to your well deserved awards. And a big thank you for the nomination and shout out of what i am doing over here in Singapore. Really appreciate it! I think you are probably savoring your flour-less orange cake with lavender and rose syrup now. Can’t wait for you to post it up!

    • Thanks Danny. Glad to promote your fantastic blog… it’s a pleasure to read and be inspired by! Haha… yep, my cake is now cooling near the stove, soaking in its floral syrup. It smells beautiful! I’m definitely looking forward to posting it up on the site… I developed the recipe for my mum (as her 60th birthday cake) so it’s rather special to me. It’s one of my favourites (Aaron tells me it’s the best cake I’ve ever made! That’s a huge call!).

    • Aw, I appreciate that hugely my Peckish friend! Haha, I wish that I could actually deliver you some of the food I make so I could get a PK review on it (though I have just checked out your WordPress cookbook – very cool). I feel like you’re giving me way too much credit without trying the goods! In regards to the awards stuff though, I actually made a decision a while back that if I was going to ‘play the awards game’ I wanted to do it properly. To actually think about each nomination carefully, rather than just clocking up blog names to fulfill the acceptance criteria. I’ve kept to the decision so far, hopefully I can continue to do so! Thanks for your encouragement and feedback though. You’re super cool. Kiwi cool, bro!

  4. thank-you very much for those lovely kind words!! you have me smiling from ear to ear! :D
    and congrats on all your awards!!! it truly reflects the fantastic blog this is :)
    looking forward to the flourless orange cake with lavender and rose ryrup post! yum yum!

    • Thanks lovely. I mean it completely, you’re an inspiration in all that you do (gorgeous inside and out!). I am looking forward to the cake post too… or, firstly eating the cake (yum… it’s cooling on the bench top now, all syrupy and moist. It smells amazing!) xo

      • you’re so kind! :)
        your blog is amazing just like you!! all those recipes are simply mouthwatering :)
        oooo i can almost smell it from here!! it’s always so hard to restrain from eating the whole cake when it’s fresh out of the oven… maybe just a small slice :P xo

  5. Congratulations on your awards Laura, they are very well deserved.
    I deeply appreciate you passing the award to me and I an honored by your kind words.
    I know some of the other bloggers in your list but now have quite a few new ones to explore over the weekend :)

    • It was my pleasure Sawsan. I love your blog… it’s always a pleasure to find a blog that’s as comprehensive as yours. Persian and Middle Eastern food are definitely some of my favourites so both you & Azita are inspiring in terms of making my recipes more authentic :) I can definitely, and wholeheartedly, recommend that you check out the blogs you haven’t seen yet. Each and every one of them is a pleasure to read. I’m also in the process of trying as many recipes as possible… but there’s such a rich archive to choose from! x

  6. Oh lovely Laura! That is exactly what you are so lovely, and so kind. All of your posts just draw me in…I love reading your stories, getting an insight into your life, and being able to witness your fantastic humour! Thank you for not only saying such wonderful things about me and my blog, but the time that you have taken to write an excerpt on each of the blogs that you have nominated…you’re amazing! Congratulations on receiving these awards, it really does reflect your lovely beautiful nature and your beautiful blog! Thank you oh so much for the nomination :) xo

    • Haha, you are way too kind Carla! Thanks for the lovely feedback though, it means a lot. I’ve felt equally blessed to know you and to be encouraged by you over the past few months. You are an equally generous soul, so thanks xo

  7. I’m completely honoured Laura! Thank you so much for the nomination and for the amazing things you have said about my blog. I love your down to earth and honest approach to writing. It makes me feel so connected to you even though we have never meet beyond the blogging world. Yay to sisters through blogging! x

    • Aw Andrea, I meant every word!! I feel exactly the same… blogging sisters are wonderful and ‘meeting’ beautiful people like you around the world has been a huge, unexpected blessing! I’m glad that we can be friends, despite the distance and time differences. Thanks for letting me share in the events that you experience… I look forward to many more months (hopefully years!) of friendship and encouragement, regardless of boundaries xx

    • Thanks Sofia! It’s been a pleasure discovering your blog also… love the name. My mother used to have two papaya trees in her backyard and we’d eat them all through the Summer months (an endless supply!). Apparently they’re really good for you also? But, back to the topic… I hope that you do explore some of the other blogs listed here. They’re all dear blogging friends of mine and their recipes, cooking tips and stories are inspiring :)

      • Hi Laura! We used to have some papaya trees when I was small too :) I’m actually checking out the other blogs now and they’re lovely!

      • Aw I’m glad! Thanks for letting me know :) Can’t wait to take more of a look around your blog also. The wonderful thing about discovering blogs ‘late’ is that there’s lots of archived material to read! xx

    • Aw, thanks Rebecca (yay, another Perth blogger!! Thanks for introducing yourself!). Haha… the photo is actually one of my favourites. I had a habit of completely screwing up my face in photographs as a kid! Love your blog by the way, just had a quick look through some of your newer posts. Gorgeous photographs and wholesome recipes. Just my cup of tea (or… uh, vegan goodness!) xo

  8. Congrats on the nominations! I was drawn in by all of the lovely food pictures and I enjoyed the post! I can definitely relate to the fear of “slimy” foods like mushrooms and eggplants haha but I too have gotten past it! :)

    • Thanks beautiful! Haha, I hope that you weren’t disappointed that the photos had nothing to do with the post itself! Glad we’ve both gotten past the slimy food stage. It’s funny how kids have such sensitive taste buds. I can’t imagine not liking mushrooms and eggplant now! xo

    • Thanks so much lovely! I’m definitely happy. Not to say that the world is always rosy, but in the midst of the hard times there’s always much to (still!) be grateful for. I’m glad that that comes across in what I post :) And yes, free time is definitely hard to find in today’s world. These blogs are definitely worth taking time out for though. You’ll be glad you did! xo

  9. What to say… (a speechless blogger? Yeah, right.). Thank you for the sweet words – it feels as if you are describing somebody else, but my name is there, so it must be me. I’m very touched. It always amazes me to think somebody is actually reading what I write.

    And it’s a treat, of course, to learn more about you and to read about other fantastic blogs that are new to me! Hugs, sister!

    • Aw Annie, I definitely meant every word. You’re an inspiration to me and I feel nourished just by reading the words that you write! You’re definitely a beautiful soul and it’s a blessing to be blogging sisters! Hugs back! x

  10. Dear Laura! Happy almost-one-year blog birthday! And congratulations on racking up so many awards, which d’uh, of course you would, you are great and your blog is amazing and I heart both. Putting together a post like this takes so much work and my hat is off to you for doing it so beautifully. As for awarding moi – I am both delighted and grateful! Thank you! ps love that snapshot of you as a little girl on the beach – I’m certain you still have the same twinkle and mischievous grin <3

    • Azita! Naw, thanks lovely. I appreciate every word. You’re definitely one of the first I thought of when putting this post together. You’ve been a gorgeous encouragement, an inspiration to me both in terms of your generosity and creativity (art, design and cooking talent)! Haha… yeah I do kinda pull the same faces these days… I guess I can pull it off, with a freckled nose! Sending you a hug, beautiful friend! <3

  11. – Many congrats! Grief, you’re very flattering. I had to reread as I hardly recognised my own blog.
    – We have several things in common; freckles (apparently those with look on average 6 years younger than their contemporaries, which might encourage you to like them), charcoal clothing and a loathing of most molluscs – I can just about manage clams.
    – You also have a really good memory re living in The Garden of England!

    • Haha… well I reckon I can add ‘humble’ to the list after your reply then Johnny! You are far more excellent than you know! :) Re clams, I do agree that they are more tolerable than most other molluscs. I’ve always yearned for a Rick Stein-esque appreciation for cockles etc (it just sounds so windswept and wonderful) but I’ve decided that it will never happen. You know, I do think we would get on well if we should meet someday. We could eat bacon in our charcoal-coloured clothes whilst revelling in our freckled youthfulness. Yes?

  12. Thanks so much Laura for the award!! I love your blog and honestly, the last thing I think when seeing your blog is mess. Your photo’s and recipes are superb. I am honored!

    • Haha, thanks lovely… well, I guess it’s my kind of creative mess (even if I clean up before I take photographs!). Re the nomination, you deserve every word and more. It’s been lovely getting to know you through the world of blogging :) x

  13. Oh, Laura, thanks so much for the nomination! I was very touched by the kind words you wrote about me and my little blog — thank you so much! It’s always such a wonderful thing to be acknowledged and know when folks enjoy the fruits of one’s labors; even more special when those things come from a fellow food sister like yourself =) Thank YOU for sharing this journey with US; I couldn’t agree with your heartfelt words more. Big hugs and many thanks again, Laura, beauty … look forward the wonderful road ahead ;) xo!

    • Aw, thanks lovely. It’s a privilege to be foodie sisters with you… and I definitely meant every word. You’re gorgeous, inside and out, and all of the effort you put in to your blog posts is definitely visible, loved and appreciated by many (me being one!!). Can’t wait to keep exchanging recipes, stories and other bits and pieces. Sending you a huge hug back xo

    • Aw, thanks Edwina! I just remembered that I’ve never actually organised a blogger catch-up for us. Argh, sorry!! Life has just gotten away from me over the past few months and my head has been like a sieve. Off to check out what’s been happening with you here in Perthland. Sending you a hug and hopefully meet you soon? Happy even if it’s just the two of us! xx

    • Thanks beautiful! That’s so lovely of you. I definitely do agree that we’re family despite geographical boundaries… sending you a virtual hug! Hope you have a lovely weekend too xo

  14. Thanks so much Laura for your kind words! it really means a lot to have someone say such nice thinks about myself and my blog. I am a bit fan of yours and hope to continue to stay in contact and check in our your delicious recipes :) Btw you sashimi and sushi looks amazing! Raw salmon and tuna are two of my unholy vegan pleasures and just looking at yours is tempting me :P

    • Aw it’s my pleasure lovely. I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while now… gorgeous recipes, photographs and stories. You write so well and it’s nice to think that we live on the same patch of island (albeit a few thousand kilometres away!!). I love sushi and sashimi. I’ve recently been buying sashimi-quality tuna and salmon from my local fishmonger and it’s so much nicer when you eat it at home (and cheaper too!). I guess we could say that raw fish is as close to vegetables as a protein can get?! I know that doesn’t help at all… but I can definitely understand the temptation :)

  15. And we love the same types of red wine . . . that’s it, I’m hooked! (except I will say I have grown to love oysters and those slimy things on the half shell — had some in Washington D.C. when visiting college with my son recently that were so incredibly fresh, flavorful and yummy, I could actually taste the difference rather than glumping them all together as “oysters” — of course, that taught me to be more wary about sampling such fare in land-locked states like my own, far from ocean waters . . . Congrats on your awards — I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better over the upcoming months!

    • Haha… aw yay! Wish you lived a little closer, we could’ve shared a nice bottle of red together, perhaps with some beautiful slow-cooked lamb (that’s my suggestion as it’s bucketing down with rain here in Perth. I am cold!) and mashed potatoes. Hm. Maybe my problem is that I haven’t had a ‘good’ oyster yet. The one I got given at the fish market was freshly shucked, still in the half shell with some seawater. Well… you know how my tastebuds responded. Ick. I wish I could report back differently, I felt terrible for the poor man who looked so proud of his oyster! Thanks for the congratulations. I don’t really feel like I deserve any awards but the peer acknowledgement is lovely. Thanks again lovely Kat! Will be checking out more of your posts soon! xx

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