happy blogiversary to me


It’s hard to believe that it’s been one year and three days since I published my first recipe post on WordPress.com. On 21st May 2012, my recipe for Frangipane Tart with Rhubarb Pomegranate Compote and Pistachio Crumble was launched into cyberspace with photography (including editing) by my husband, Aaron and food styling, recipe prep and text by yours truly. It attracted six comments; 50% were responses from me and 30% were from friends and family. The last comment arrived much later, written by Azita from Fig and Quince. I believe we were discussing uses for pomegranates after Azita posted a delicious recipe series on this unique fruit, including instructions to make homemade Roe’beh Anâr (Pomegranate molasses). And that was it. We were blogging friends… which later turned into blogging sisters. I love how the medium of blogging crosses cultural boundaries, language barriers, distances and time zones seamlessly. In the past year, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of communicating with amazing cooks, writers and photographers around the world. I’ve learned much, shared much and enjoyed every minute.

So, as this post commemorates the one-year-mark of my blogging career (if you can call it that!), I’m going to share a few growth points that have happened in the home (and brain) of Laura over the past twelve months. Here goes:

  • I’ve learned how to use Photoshop. Believe it or not, I had absolutely no idea about this miraculous program when my first post was launched one year ago. I never had any use for it (as I’m normally quite happy with my photographs) and to be honest, I only knew it existed through media reports of celebrity photos being ‘airbrushed’. However, in order to format, adjust and montage shots for publication, I had to learn. My teacher? The very patient, talented and loving Aaron (I think I learned fast). Since about post three, I’ve been photographing, editing and layering all of my own shots for every post. I’m pretty happy with my progress!
  • I’ve bought more kitchenware. Not sure if this is a positive or not, but I’ve become a little obsessed with obtaining small ramekins, vintage knives, shiny plates and bottles for food styling purposes. I’ve visited more charity stores (‘op-shops’ or ‘thrift stores’, depending upon where you’re from) in the past year than the previous ten years combined. It’s been huge amounts of fun.
  • I’ve absorbed about 2% of the world’s knowledge of HTML. HyperText Markup Language is freaking hard. Thank goodness WordPress does most of the hard work for us. With the assistance of HTML Dog and WordPress tutorials, I have learned a tiny bit though. A miniscule drop in the huge, complex HTML ocean. I’m hoping to learn more with time and persistence so that I can actually revamp this site and make it a little more customized. But, for now… I’ll refrain from further torturing my brain (ah, poetry!).
  • I’ve increased my nutritional knowledge. Through researching information for each post, I’ve actually learned a lot more about the nutritional qualities of many ingredients, including alternative flours, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds. It’s been hugely beneficial to our dietary intake; we now eat about 80% fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds (with the remaining 20% including meat, dairy, sugar and other carbohydrates). I can read your thoughts. Yes, I bake a lot of sweet goods! I do eat some of it, but the rest is gratefully shared… either at work, home or elsewhere.


  • I’m gifted with superfluous garden and fridge products wherever I go. I mentioned this in my post for Indian Lime Pickle, but one of the benefits (and drawbacks) of being a food blogger is that people give you perishables. Lots of perishables. So far I’ve received homegrown limes, lemons, tomatoes, apples, a few red peppers, guavas, chillies, courgettes and bags of herbs. All fantastic (I actually get excited when I receive gifts like these; the ‘recipe development section’ of my brain goes haywire). I’ve also received half-finished bags of spinach, jars of half-finished pickles, limp supermarket herbs, Kraft String Cheese (Cheestiks, for Australians) that expired in 1996 (actually, this was really cool. They’d turned completely black and hard, and smelt like feet) and leftover bits of cheese. Sometimes cool, sometimes, uh… not. But, in saying this: any representatives of corporations or companies, if you want to give me stuff, I say YES. Especially if you work for the Hendricks gin factory. Please.
  • I feel like I have so much more to learn. The world of blogging is rich, multifaceted, humbling and inspiring. I read (or see, in terms of photography or art) so many people’s work and feel humbled at the level of skill, work and passion that’s gone into each and every post. I love the fact that I can learn pretty much anything I want to by clicking through to a particular blogger’s site. It’s amazing. It inspires me to become a better version of myself, both personally and in terms of blogging itself.

I intended to include my response to some recent awards I’ve been blessed with as part of this post, but… well, my verbal diarrhoea has flared up again. I’ll leave the awards post til next time.

I’m also working on a soon-to-be-completed recipe for sourdough, but you know what? My lovingly fed sourdough starter-baby (I named it ‘Glop’) died in the first Winter cold snap a couple of weeks ago. It now resembles a sad, thick jar of grey goop with a layer of liquid floating on the top. I mourned the loss of my starter with the beautiful Brydie from Cityhippyfarmgirl (my original sourdough teacher) and she’s offered to send me a carefully-packed portion of hers on Monday. I am certain that the bloggers are some of the best, most beautiful and generous people in the world. All of you remind me of that. Every single day.


To end this post: a little story about last night’s dinner experience.

A few days ago, I purchased a large handful of chestnuts from my local farmer’s market. I’ve been eating chestnuts since I was a little girl; usually roasted at Christmastime, on an open fire at my grandparent’s house near the river Thames (in England). The smell, the crackle of the splitting skins, the beautiful, warm fragrant meat… every part of eating chestnuts revisits the six-year-old me. A time of fun, presents and minimal responsibility.

So, anyway; I squirreled this bag of chestnuts home, my breath fogging the cold air with puffs of excitement. They were stored in the fridge for two days before I fired up my oven to ‘roast’ them, in absence of an open fireplace. While the chestnuts roasted, I prepared a roast beetroot, fresh mint, goats cheese and walnut salad with lemon-infused oil. I heard a sound like gunfire… a clear, loud bang… and a rattle on the side of our old gas oven. Uh oh.

The oven door opened. The chestnuts were sizzling and fragrant, their shells cracking in the wafting heat. Tiny bits of exploded chestnut clung to the interior surface of the oven like soft white shrapnel. I lifted the tray out of the oven carefully and placed it on the cool hob.

Bang. I screamed. My face, hair and the tiled splash-back were peppered with tiny pieces of hot white chestnut. What an idiot. I placed a tea towel over the tray of chestnuts, annoyed at myself, before turning around. Another nut exploded behind me. It wasn’t restrained by the limp tea towel and sent more chestnut meat flying around the kitchen. I looked at my poor beetroot salad, which was now dusted with a fine white powder. No, not cocaine. Exploded chestnut.

About two minutes later, the chestnuts stopped sizzling and I breathed a sigh of relief. I went to the bathroom and started removing exploded chestnut from my hair, eyelashes, skin, cleavage (sorry to the male readers, but it’s true!) and nostrils. There’s a lot of meat in one tiny chestnut. I then cleaned the fine film of exploded chestnut off every surface in my kitchen. It covered a radius of about three metres. Once dry, exploded chestnut is quite hard to scrub off tiles.

I am now officially scared of roasted chestnuts. But, they were exceedingly tasty.

By the way, treatment for PCED (post-chestnut explosion disorder) included watching this video. It helped (watch it, amigos).

The end.

laurasun*thanks for sharing this blogging year with me!

105 responses

  1. Congratulation to you … and your blog – it’s a learning curve … and same with me – I have learned so much from starting blogging. As to find out how my camera really works. *smile
    Looking forward to what your world will give .. me from of tomorrow.

  2. Regarding the chestnuts …. don’t worry .. you are not alone in this exclusive club – done the same thing and I never done it again.
    You’re so right .. stay away from them .. let others do it.

    • Haha, thanks so much dear Viveka. You’re one of my dearest blogging sisters and it means a lot to know we can travel through this next year of blogging together! Ups and downs, come what may! Re the chestnuts, I’ll try poking holes in them next time (to release some of the pressure from the steam). It’ll be a while before I reattempt them though. I’m still finding bits of exploded chestnut everywhere! Sending you love. P.S you’re an amazing photographer and writer! I’m inspired by you every day! xx

  3. Happy blogiversary!! That’s a lot to have learned in a relatively short journey. Well done, because my nutritional knowledge seems to have grown into “eat butter, cream and chocolate frequently” ;) There’s so much to learn and so many people to share it with! I love reading your blog and I hope you share the salad recipe (it sounds nommy) despite the trauma you have suffered. (I can relate, I once exploded a microwave with a baked potato and took out half of the wall.)

    I can’t wait to read more from you over the next year. Hugs! xxx

    • Hello beautiful! Hahaaa… well, yes if you’re cooking French, they are definitely the base lessons to learn!!! I love reading your blog also. It’s one of my favourites, as are you, blogging sister! Wow. I can’t believe that your microwave exploded! I am definitely going to avoid microwaved baked potatoes along with the chestnuts from now on. It’s dangerous!! Sending you hugs back, and lots of love! Can’t wait to see you revamped blog and to share much more over this coming year! xx

    • Thanks so much! I know we’ve only recently ‘met’ but it’s a privilege to already be inspired by your fantastic recipes and baking tips. I look forward to sharing much more over this coming year! xx

    • Thanks so much Kari. Yeah, I’m actually verging much more into vegan foods now. I’m keeping a portion of meat, cheese etc as my husband loves them (and needs the meat protein, he tells me. Fair enough!) and I also do enjoy eating them. But I’ve felt the benefits of the predominantly plant-based died. Thanks so much for becoming a blogging friend. I look forward to sharing this next year with you… love your blog also! xx

  4. Happy Anniversary Laura! You have done a wonderful job here and I look forward to seeing how you grow over the next year.

  5. Happy blogiversary!! I am so glad to have found your blog and look forward to every post! I have to laugh (sorry) about the chestnut fiasco, I roasted them once with the same result and since then have a (substantiated) fear of roasted chestnuts. PCED, LOL, I can relate.

    • Thanks so much lovely! Hahahaa… I am so glad that I’m not the only one! Your pugs must’ve been petrified with the explosions going off!! I am going to poke some holes in the darn things next time (well, once I get over my fear of chestnuts enough to try again!). Thanks so much for the comment. Hugs! xx

  6. One year Laura, that´s wonderful! I discoverd picture editing way into my first year, and most pics show that. Such poor lightning, and it was so easy to remedy. Your first post´s tart is amazing, love pistachios and pomegranates! this is a wonderful blogging community and it ends up being the big plus, IMO, of food blogging. Have a great weekend!

    • Hello Paula!! I definitely agree re the wonderful blogging community. It’s actually become my favourite part of blogging… I’ve been so inspired, encouraged and humbled by the beautiful people (like you, in particular!) that I have ‘met’ through words. I think my photos have improved over the past year also. I’m hoping to actually start using a tripod and invest in a DSLR this year. Thanks so much for the beautiful comment, sending you love xxx

  7. Happy one year! I love this reflection and agree with so many of these blogging perks—especially building community cross-culturally. I’m still behind on the photoshop bandwagon….maybe someday. : )

    • Hi Raechel! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment… I loved discovering your blog and can’t wait to get to know you more over the coming months!!! Hm, Photoshop can be a bit intimidating at first, but it’s easy when you’ve learned the basics. Take a look at some of the online tutorials and YouTube posts. You’ll be up to speed in no time. Thanks so much for the encouragement lovely! xx

  8. yay! congrats on such a successful blogging year!! your blog is so wonderful! :)
    keep up the amazing posts!

    • Thank you so much Bec!! You’re beautiful inside and out, and it’s been such a blessing to share this blogging year with you! Can’t wait to keep learning and sharing recipes, stories and tips together for another year. You’re an inspiration! xx

  9. Happy (Blog) Anniversary Laura! Isn’t it strange how time flies?! I love everything you said in this post – I agree completely about how fulfilling and enriching it is to be a part of this blog community, and to be inspired by and connect with people like you! What an absolutely loving post. I had to laugh at the chestnut story – that is completely something I would do, complete with the scream! :) I absolutely adore your blog – here’s to many many more blog anniversaries to come! xo

    • Thanks so much Lindsay! I definitely agree, time goes by so fast. You’re another blogging sister that I’ve been hugely inspired by over the past year. Your latest Paris series is also giving me a return dose of the travel bug… such gorgeous recipes, photographs and stories! :) Haha, the chestnut experience was quite an adventure. My husband was sad that he missed it (he said “Baby, can you do the chestnut thing again tonight, so that I can see it?” Uh, no!!). Can’t wait to celebrate more years of blogging together, sending you love! xx

  10. Happy Blogiversary!!! I hope your next year is as rewarding as this one was. I can’t wait to read about your continued adventures, even if they turn out like the chestnut disaster. :D

  11. Happy blog-birthday! This is a useful list of leanings, and makes me think I should move on from point and shoot camera and a free photo touch-up software! Have a sinking feeling I will always be allergic to HTML though…

    Will you call the next sourdough starter Glop II?

    • Thanks lovely! Haha… yep, HTML is pretty scary. Though the HTML ‘dog’ messes with my head, as I always interpret dogs to be friendly, funny and endearing. HTML is definitely not. But once you get the hang of the basics, it’s actually awesome. Very enriching and satisfying when you can do things yourself!
      And perhaps Glop II… in homage to the sacrificial Glop that went before him :) Thanks for the lovely encouragement xx

  12. Oh my gosh, your showdown with the chestnuts had me laughing so hard. If only there was a video of it! I’m thrilled to have found you and your blog (& thank you so much for the lovely shout-out) and I’m rooting for you like mad. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!! & many MORE! <3 (ps love that picture of you – it is so hedonistic in the best sense of the word.)

    • Aw, thanks Azita. You’re definitely a blogging sister I treasure!! <3
      Haha, thanks for the compliment on the photo. It was taken by Aaron when we drove up to the Perth hills (about an hour from where we live) for a picnic. There's a lookout near something called the 'zig-zag road' (so called because you drive down the hill in a zig-zag pattern), so on the way home we stopped off for a glass of wine whilst the sun set. Definitely hedonistic! It was a gorgeous day :) Definitely can't wait to celebrate many more blog birthdays for both of us! xx

    • Hahahaaa… I did have a few temporary ‘scars’ (red patches from exploded chestnut meat, mostly on my neck!) but they’ve faded. The mental scarring though, tsk… perhaps permanent (not really. I actually want to tackle the chestnuts again. I’ve figured out that I need to poke holes in them to release the steam, pre-roasting). Thanks for the lovely comment! Looking forward to another year of blogging with you! xx

  13. Happy Blogiversary laurasmess! It is very obvious you have many wonderful gifts of which need to be shared with the world! I am inspired every time I read your new posts! …somebody told me I should have poked some holes before roasting the chestnuts I exploded! Really??

    • Aw, thanks so much beautiful!! I feel the same when I read your lovely posts… it’s such an encouragement to me, to have made so many talented and generous blogging friends around the world :)
      Re the exploding chestnuts, I actually came up with that idea myself last night. I think the holes would help to release the build-up of steam and heat as the inner meat roasts. Sounds like a good way to prevent explosions. I’ll give it a go in a few weeks, once I recover from the chestnut shrapnel episode. Will let you know!! xx

      • I don’t know why I’m giggling over this mess with the chestnuts. I guess it is because the explosion in the kitchen really is a dramatic event! I recall scrambling around not know when it was going to end. :)

  14. Congreatulations! Its so nice to see just how enriching blogging has made you (because it is for me too!) I also truly hope you get over your new chestnut fear :) xx

    • Haha, thanks so much Sofia!! I will hopefully get over the chestnut fear soon :) I’ve actually thought about it and I’m going to make some small holes in them next time to release the pressure and steam. Hopefully that’ll work! Thanks for the lovely comment xxx

  15. Happy first birthday for your blog!!!!! Love how you took the first year out with a “bang”!! And yet again you’ve inspired me – I’ll stop sitting on my hands and actually learn how to use photoshop, which has been installed on my computer for the best part of 12 months, as your photos are always so fantastic. I had a Mint Slice in your honour tonight. Congratulations again. One day I’ll share on my blog my story of exploding chestnuts Jordanian style.

    • Thanks so much Andrea!! Haha, yep… an unintentional bang (I never thought of it like that… hm, chestnut fireworks?!). Definitely try Photoshop. It’s actually pretty user-friendly once you’ve got the basics down. The online tutorials are great, including some of the YouTube videos that people have posted. Oh, and I tried the Mint Slice slam. FAIL. Silly that I didn’t think of it before, but the single layer of biscuit doesn’t have enough structural integrity to work as a ‘straw’ for the hot liquid. I did manage to eat all of the biscuit though (quick reflexes, methinks. And much experience in biscuit eating). It was still delicious. But… save your supply. Just dip and munch. I need to send you some Tim Tams.
      P.S can’t wait for the Jordanian exploding chestnut story. I am intrigued!! xxx

  16. Well done. and what an adventure. I hope to go through some of your points of growth, although I don’t think I could deal with people handing me superfluous food, I’m finding it hard enough to make sure we use up all the food we buy for ourselves at the moment with how busy we are. I would like to get into photoshop, get more kitchenware, customise the site more, and gain more nutritional knowledge. You are an inspiration :)

    • Aw, Mr P you are too kind! Haha… the superfluous food has been quite a challenge. It’s made me dream up more citrus recipes, in particular… many of the savoury ones haven’t made it onto the blog yet (due to my inability to take photographs at night. I need to make a light box) but I’ve kept notes for the future. I’m determined not to waste food in this house!
      Photoshop is way easier than I thought it would be. It helped that my husband has been using it for years, but the online tutorials are also great. Oh, and for the record… you also inspire me. Hugely! I love your product reviews and the WordPress cookbook. I always intend to make lots of blogger recipes but with my own recipe development it falls onto the wayside. It’s a wonderful tribute to blogger friendship, whilst also expanding your kitchen repertoire. Thanks so much for the encouragement, my friend! :)

  17. Many congrats on your first year! So looking forward to the next – and many more!
    Did you not cut a cross in your chestnuts? I’m so glad Azita admitted to laughing so hard – not that I was, mind. Well, tried not to. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with my list of kitchen horrors!

    • Nope Johnny, it was the first time I’d roasted them at home so I just winged it. And then, well… you know the rest! :) Perhaps my grandparents cut an ‘x’ in theirs when we roasted them in England. I can’t actually remember (they most likely did as I don’t remember any exploding!). I would LOVE to hear about your kitchen horrors. I’ve actually got quite a few to tell… mine and others! My dad once tried to roast a whole turkey in the microwave (it was so large that it couldn’t rotate) and the whole microwave exploded. Ah, dear. I haven’t done anything quite that bad myself!! Thanks so much for the congrats. You’ve been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me on my fledgling blogging journey. I appreciate you a lot!

  18. You know what they say about getting on the horse. You are stronger than the chestnut. PS. To avoid the popping, make an incision (I usually make a cross) on each chestnut before it goes into the oven. Fiddly work, but worth it. Lovely site. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary as a blogger.

    • You are very right Mary! I’ll try the cross technique next time and hopefully all will be fine. Thanks so much for the encouragement and congratulations… so lovely to meet you! I tried to follow the link to your site but it says it doesn’t exist? Hm. Let me know if there’s another link, I’d love to visit you x

      • Thanks so much for the URL Mary! I didn’t have a chance to have a proper look at your blog the other day but it looks gorgeous… definitely not disappointed that it’s not a food blog (your writing is really interesting!). I’ll let you know re the chestnuts. I haven’t been brave enough to try them again yet! xx

  19. What a well written Blog Anniversary post! Congratulations and here’s wishing you many many more to come! This blog thing is about a year old for me too and the ride has been well worth it… Isn’t it great to discover ourselves in ways we didn’t think existed?

    • Thank you so much for the congratulations lovely! I appreciate it very much. I love your blog also.. I would’ve thought that you’d been blogging much longer than a year. You definitely have natural talent for both cooking and photography. Definitely looking forward to many more years of sharing recipes and stories Deb! xx

  20. happy blogiversary! i’m just starting out, and i look forward to gaining similar experiences as you have mentioned :) it’s wonderful how a little hobby can turn into a huge learning experience! i’m sorry to hear about the chestnut incident, i bet come Christmas and its wonderful carols you’ll be laughing about it :)

    • Thanks so much lovely. You’ll definitely learn a lot as you go along… blogging can be a little intimidating when you first start (I am sure that everyone goes through the ‘I wonder if anyone will read this?!’ phase!) but you’ll build up many skills and start networking in no time. The chestnut incident was pretty funny, though scary initially. I’ve learned a lot from it though! Looking forward to many more blogging years with you! x

  21. Happy blogging anniversary, Laura. It is amazing what you learn from blogging and the many new friends you make along the way.

    So sorry to hear about your traumatic experience with the chestnuts. ;-)

    • Hello Malou! Haha, yes I was rather ignorant about the need to score chestnuts before roasting them! I’ll never need to scrape chestnut out of my eyelashes again though, thanks to the advice of my fellow bloggers! Thanks for being a blogging friend. I’ve loved the process of getting to know you through your beautiful blog. You have a gorgeous family! xx

  22. Happy blogiversary to you! I love the list of things you’ve learnt. I’ve done the buying a lot more kitchenware one, but have yet to tackle learning how to use photoshop (I get so confused every time I try!) Oh no at the exploding chestnuts, I think I would be too scared to ever try roasting them after reading that! P.S. that’s such a lovely photo of you at the end too.

    • Thank you so much Rosie! I have definitely been on a steep learning curve but I’ve loved every second! Definitely keep persisting with Photoshop. It’s wonderful once you get used to the program (I don’t know how I processed photos without it now!). Haha… yep, I now know the appropriate way to roast chestnuts sans explosion (yay for mentioning mishaps on the blog and being gifted with solutions!). And I appreciate the kind words about the photo. It was taken by my husband when we stopped off to watch the sunrise on a hill near Perth. Red wine, balmy end-of-summer weather, chatting with my love in the setting sun. Perfect day :) xx

    • Uru!!! Thank you lovely!! You’re a huge inspiration to me and it means a lot to have your encouragement and support. Can’t wait to share another blogging year with you. Sending you a hug xx

  23. Congratulations! It’s so exciting to reach the one year milestone. Can’t wait to read many, many more of your wonderful posts. And glad to hear that the chestnuts didn’t cause you too much harm…roasting them sure sounds like scary stuff! xo

    • Haha… thanks so much Carla!! No permanent scarring… well, not on my body anyway (just in my brain!). It’s been such a pleasure spending this blogging year with you. Can’t wait to swap more recipes, stories and milestones as this next year begins! Sending you a hug! xx

  24. Congratulations my friend! It is surely not easy to maintain your lovely site. But the effort, work and time put in is so worth to exchange for great friendship, learning and satisfaction. And so that I can have the chance to meet you here 😊 keep going and keep creating. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Thanks so much Danny. It does take time but it’s such an encouraging, fulfilling and exciting experience. I definitely agree that friendship is the best part of it all… thanks for your encouragement, support and tips over the past year! I value your friendship a lot, and your passion for food is inspiring! :)

  25. Happy Bloggiversary! It is hard to believe you have only been at this a year – your work is beautiful! … In brother/sisterhood, I laughed out loud when I read about the chestnut explosions! I had a similar experience wwith my new blender using it to purée watercress soup – and in a friend’s kitchen, no less. When she sold the house last year, she was still finding bits of watercress from my explosion! I am beginning to think that half the fun of the is the element of danger and disaster… How else do we learn?

    • Haha! Yes, you’re entirely correct. It’s all part of the learning experience isn’t it! :) Sorry to hear about the watercress soup explosion… what a shame! It’s amazing how much area a food explosion can cover. When the sun hit my tiled kitchen splashback yesterday I could see even more bits of dried exploded chestnut clinging to it! I think I need to hose out the kitchen with a high pressure water cleaner! ;) I actually broke my blender yesterday by forcing it to churn up a vegan ‘cheesecake’ filling for a friend’s going away party. Any recommendations for a new one? Thanks for being an amazing blogging brother. I really appreciate your encouragement and I am always inspired by your incredible creations in the kitchen. You’re a true cook and artist David!

    • Thanks so much Beth!! You’re so generous… I appreciate the encouragement very much! I feel the same about your blog. It’s gorgeous… can’t wait to read more of your recipes and stories (and to celebrate your blogiversary with you in two weeks! Woop!) x

  26. I feel like a nervous first time mama at the moment. There is a little hand wringing going on, a little bottom lip biting, a little frowning and just a touch of finger crossing. Will “Glop” part two make it?? Will he?…will he??

    • Aw! I keep checking the mailbox for him Brydie!! There’s been no Australia post slip and no sign of him as yet :( It’s his last chance today I think. It’s a long weekend here in Perth (Foundation Day/WA Day) so he’ll be locked up for three days if the friendly postman doesn’t deliver him!! Will keep you posted! x

      • Update: Glop II arrived on Friday evening. He was incredibly cold (I think he must’ve been in the cold storage room or something similar) but I’ve since warmed him up and given him a new jar house. I do hope that he livens up soon though. He’s been fed but he’s not bubbling yet :/

  27. Happy Bloggiversary Laura. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments. I’m visiting your gorgeous blog for the first time and having a good old look around. Love your style.

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the beautiful message. I am a huge fan of yours, even though I only discovered your work a short time ago. Amazing baking skills. Ridiculously hilarious sense of humour. All of the good stuff! Thanks for the blogiversary congrats :)

    • Aw, that’s so lovely of you Gen! I really appreciate it… especially as we’ve only been blogging friends for a short time :) I’ll take a look at the post. Thanks for the congrats also. So excited to have started my second year of blogging! xx

    • Just posted the new recipe now! It took me a few days to get everything together as life has become a bit frantic recently. Thanks so much for the congrats :) I’m definitely going to keep blogging… looking forward to sharing more recipes and stories between us!

    • Haha… there were only a few salvageable pieces! The rest exploded into chestnut dust (attached to my body, the wall and other surfaces!). I’ve definitely learned from the experience. The hard way!!
      Thanks for the blogiversary congrats! You’ll definitely overtake me with the ‘boxes’ soon (and even if you don’t learn Photoshop, your photos are gorgeous just as they are!). There’s so much to learn with blogging though. I have much more on my ‘to do’ list for this year. We can learn together and swap tips! xx

  28. Happy Blogiversary, Laura!!! What a lovely blog filled with gorgeous pictures! I stumbled upon your blog thanks to Carla @ eat sweet. by Carla Sue and I’m so happy I did :) I’m already looking forward to more wonderful posts!

    • Hi Dana! Thanks so much for the kind words… ah, I love Carla. She is definitely the ‘sweet’ behind eat sweet!! :) Your blog is equally gorgeous… I’m in the process of checking it out as we speak, and the first two recipes I’ve seen (sweet and spicy roasted nuts in particular!) are absolutely drool-worthy! Thanks for finding me… it’s so lovely to ‘meet’ you! I’m looking forward to sharing more recipes and stories from now on! xx

    • Aw, thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve loved discovering your blog also… it’s beautiful, in so many ways! Blogging has been such an enriching experience. I love it, both in regards to my personal journey of learning, and because I get to meet such lovely, generous and talented people. Can’t wait to travel through my second blogging year with you!

  29. Congratulations, Laura! I’m so happy I’ve recently discovered your beautiful blog! You summarized the rewards so well! My first blogiversary is in July, and I couldn’t have said it any better! Cheers to many more years!!! Carol xox

    • Carol, I can’t believe that you’ve been blogging for less than a year! Your site is so gorgeous and your photographs are of an incredible standard. Can’t wait to celebrate year one with you, and yes… definitely can’t wait for the years to come! Hugs xx

  30. I’ve certainly had one of those experiences, true Chestnuts are an absolute treat & pleasure to indulge in, (but nonetheless) I’ve worked out that there’s a reason why the vendors are outside in the great outdoors! Lol ;)

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modern classic recipes, story telling, and a little bit of history. Oh yeah, and schnauzers.

better than a bought one

as homemade should be

My Sweet Precision

Where flour, butter, and sugar collide

The Veggy Side Of Me

Deliciousy Green...

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