awards and acknowledgements III


It’s 1.30pm on Monday afternoon and unusually, I’m still at home on the couch. Unfortunately it’s due to sickness rather than leisure, as I’ve had an awful virus that’s affected my sinuses, blood pressure and balance over the past week. I hate being sick. It feels entirely unproductive, unless you count the… uh, nasal productivity? Sorry, that’s quite inappropriate for a food blog. I’ll stop now.

Looking on the bright side, the past week has given me ample opportunity to consume some of the six kilograms of citrus that I’ve been blessed with over the past three weeks (from colleagues with lemon trees, my mother’s lime tree and another friend’s clementine trees). I’m sipping from a steaming mug full of hot water, lemon juice and honey as I type. I’ve also processed about fourteen jars of lime and clementine marmalade in an effort to cure my boredom.

peelsmontThis past week has also provided some required time to catch up on blogging awards that I’ve been neglecting for the past month or so. Fourteen, to be exact. I feel quite terrible about this delayed acceptance post, but… to be honest, the awards have been arriving at a pace that I’ve found hard to keep up with.

So, after a few weeks of reflection, I regretfully inform you that this will be my last full award acceptance post. I just don’t feel that I have the capacity to respectfully accept and renominate fellow bloggers through this medium whilst also focusing on my food-related recipe content. Though I will continue to express gratitude and humility to each blogger who sees fit to nominate me, I will no longer be fulfilling the renomination and acceptance criteria. I hope that’s okay.

Now, on to these awards (you can read about the first five awards I received via my Awards and Acknowledgements posts one and two). I’ve broken this post into two ‘halves’ to avoid reader eye strain and honest boredom. You’ll see that I’ve only provided 3-4 nominees for each award, due to the sheer number of awards that I’m responding to (3 x 14 = 42 nominees!). I’ve also omitted ‘award acceptance criteria’, but your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to trace back to my original nomination post (on the referenced blogs) for details.

Sorry. I’m being lazy. Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you who follows Laura’s Mess!


1. Versatile Blogger Award (x2)

This award was gifted to me by sweet Genevieve at Life is Like a Dumpling and the beautiful blogger who created Married in Marrackville. I attempted to understand this award a little more by reading the supposed award page, however the absence of information just made me more confused! Anyway, before going on to seven facts about me, I just want to introduce you to my two lovely nominees:

Married in Marrackville is a Sydney-based foodie blog run by a former Western Australian girl (yay! Sandgropers unite!) of Russian, Italian and Greek heritage. It contains gorgeous photography and mouthwatering recipes, my favourite of which (so far) is the gorgeously rich recipe for Mexican Chocolate Chilli Pots (suggested for a date night, though my Aaron despises chocolate and chilli together. Sad face). This blog is food for the eyes, heart and belly. Definitely worth visiting.

Life is Like a Dumpling is a predominantly vegetarian blog run by the gorgeous Genevieve (a Toronto/Hong Kong girl who’s currently studying in St Andrews, Scotland). Her recipes and photos are seriously mouthwatering, but my favourite thing about Gen is her writing. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re right there in the warmth of her living room, eating good food, surrounded by friends. Check out her recipe for Coconut French Toast. It’s absolutely delicious!

Okay, seven facts. Here goes:

  1. I scribble all of my recipes onto scrap paper, particularly the back of envelopes or receipts. I think it’s a product of my creative untidy mind; when inspiration strikes, I reach for the closest ‘word receptacle’ (I should start carrying around a notebook).
  2. I once wrote a recipe for Moroccan chicken on the back of my electricity bill. I… uh, then forgot to pay it.
  3. I always keep goats cheese, homemade beetroot relish, Dijon mustard, natural Greek yoghurt and cured meat (usually chorizo or bacon) in the fridge. They’re great as last minute flavour boosters for the most average of meals.
  4. I could very happily live in my Havaianas. I’d wear them to work if I was permitted.
  5. I dislike socks. I wear my Chuck Taylors and high tops sans socks, even in winter. In fact, I only compromise on the sock rule whilst exercising. Sweat requires sock absorbency.
  6. I studied Japanese language for two years at school and remember negligible traces of it (Konnichi wa?)
  7. I used to eat one banana per day until the impact of Cyclone Yasi hit Queensland in February 2011, devastating banana crops and hoisting the price of bananas to around $14 per kg. I’m now completely out of the habit and often forget that they’re in the fruit bowl (cue: banana bread). Weird but true.

Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  1. Loving Homemade – I love this blog. It’s creative, inspiring, honest and ‘homely’ in the best sense of the word. Rachel, the woman behind the blog, is a true creative who makes nourishing, delicious food that you’d love to have on your kitchen table. She’s awesome.
  2. The Local Kitchener – this blog was created by Jon, a cook and locavore who values fresh and sustainable produce. He creates really awesome, wholesome and delicious meals from his kitchen in Kitchener, Ontario. Visit him (on the blog, not, uh… his house) and be inspired.
  3. Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews – Lilly Sue is one of my favourite bloggers, ever. She’s unashamedly beer, food and travel obsessed, whist also being a darn smart engineer. I always feel happy after visiting her corner of the internet. She provides amazing beer and food reviews, all with a touch of carefree humour. You need to meet her. Now. Go to it.
  4. The Peckish Kiwi – Mr P is not only a versatile blogger, but he’s an all-round awesome guy. He covers everything from restaurant and bar reviews to WordPress recipe tests (written by fellow bloggers) and product reviews. He does all of these things very well, with a touch of humour and intelligence. Love this blog. You will too.


2. Sunshine Bloggers Award

This award was gifted to me by Mr P at The Peckish Kiwi. His blog is a joy to read with restaurant reviews, recipes and a special section entitled ‘WordPress Cookbook‘ that contains his recreation of fellow blogger’s recipes. At present, he’s also completing a review series of local New Zealand ice-cream. As an ice-cream fiend, it’s making me insanely jealous. Just check out this gorgeous review of Joshua’s Lemon Curd ice-cream. Drool worthy. Even on toast.

Nominees for the Sunshine Bloggers Award are:

  1. The Striped Strawberry – This beautiful blog was created by Beverly, an honest and inspiring woman who set a recent goal to create a healthier version of herself… to take control back over her body and mind. She’s now glowing, inside and out (well, not that I’ve seen her insides but… she’s eating a whole lot of good stuff) and she’s sharing her secrets with the world! Take a look at this really beautiful, positive blog. Put a bit of sunshine in your day!
  2. Searching for Sugarplums – this gorgeous blog aims to turn ‘everyday moments into celebrations’. It’s beautiful, unashamedly floral, sweet and inspiring. I do feel that the ‘Sugarplum fairy’ (as I refer to her!) is sunshine and light in a world of boredom. Visit her lovely space, fill your kitchen with fragrance and be inspired.
  3. Le Pirate – Sam, the gorgeous woman behind the blog, is a ray of Australian sunshine (she’s also one of Mr P’s favourite bloggers, so this nomination is quite fitting!). Her photography, recipes and stories are beautiful, and I know that every time I stop by her blog I’ll be greeted with warmth and cheer. I have no idea how Sam manages to maintain her blog standard in the midst of exams etc, but… she does! She’s gorgeous, inside and out. She’s way more talented than I. She’s going to go far!


3. One Lovely Blog Award (x2)

This award was given to me by the beautiful Poppy at Poppy’s Patisserie | Bunny Kitchen and a very new blogging friend, Κουλούρι. Now, I’ve been a regular at Poppy’s beautiful blog for a while now, but I hadn’t visited Κουλούρι prior to the award nomination. It’s humbling enough to get a nomination from a blogging friend, never mind someone who has to translate your posts into Greek to be able to read them! Now, let me introduce you:

Poppy’s Patisserie | Bunny Kitchen is a beautiful UK-based vegan blog run by Poppy, an effervescent 20-something who loves fresh, wholesome produce and animals (in the field, not on a plate). Her posts are a pleasure to read; honest, warm and inspiring. I love her achievable approach to recipes. She makes a fabulous vegan carrot cake with coconut cream frosting that I’d love to have on my table. Like, now. Please.

Κουλούρι is a baking blog written predominantly in Greek (with some English posts; the rest is translatable via the wonder of Google). From what I’ve read so far, this blog is pretty much an ode to the wonder of sweet treats: cakes, cookies, slices and confections of all sorts. There are a few cafe reviews to read too, so I’d definitely encourage you to take a look. This post about chocolate cake with ‘pigs in mud‘ looks divine!

Nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Papaya Pieces – Sofia is one of the loveliest, most generous bloggers around. She welcomes each comment with an honest warmth that is only equal to the beauty of the recipes she creates! Her food covers Western favourites through to Asian fusion. I love the way she writes; it’s almost like you’re watching her prepare her meals in her own kitchen. Lovely, in the true sense of the word!
  2. Indian Cooking Made Easy – Whitney is awesome. She’s also the woman behind this beautiful blog that has fast become one of my favourites. Looking for Indian recipes? Find them here, written by a white girl who unashamedly loves Indian food. She’s inspiring, lovely and darn funny. Check out her internet space.
  3. Cottage Grove House – I love this blog. It’s like cottage charm, warmth and genuine hospitality stuffed into a virtual web space. Mrs Cottage Grove House (in absence of her real name!) is very generous, encouraging and welcoming to new readers so I’d encourage you to go and visit her beautiful space. Be nourished!


4. Very Inspiring Blogger Award

This award was given to me by Lori Leigh Wilson, a beautiful blogging friend based in Canada whose lifestyle blog contains posts on a range of topics from parenting to fashion, recipes and general health. She maintains a predominantly vegan diet and has managed to convert her three children to the wonder of green smoothie breakfasts each morning (a pretty amazing feat, methinks!). One of my favourite things about Lori’s blog is her beautiful, eloquent way of writing about self-acceptance, true beauty and wisdom as we progress through life. I find her inspiring, and I think you will too (plus, her ‘swiftly adapted’ black bean burritos look absolutely delicious!)

Now for 7 interesting (well, that’s subjective but I’ll try my best) things about myself:

  1. I dislike most romantic comedies, which sometimes gets in the way of ‘female bonding movie nights’ with my girlfriends (I’d rather watch an action movie, particularly if it has zombies in it).
  2. My favourite coffee is a well-made, simple flat white (no sugar required)
  3. I love the colour green but I only own one item of green clothing, a forest-green corduroy jacket with brown leather buttons (the rest is mostly a neutral palette of cream, blue, grey and brown).
  4. I used to think that I preferred dark-haired men but I’ve married a blonde (and I think he’s the most handsome man in the entire world)
  5. I’m obsessed with small vintage medicine bottles (I now own about twenty)
  6. I’m a dual Australian and British citizen
  7. I love bugs and think that the world would be much more boring without them. Check out this video for example. So cool.

Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are:

  1. Welcome Company – Danielle is one of the strongest, most beautiful pillars of faith I have ever ‘known’. Her blog is raw, honest, inspiring, heartbreaking and humbling. She’s chronicled everything from thoughts on parenting to love, marriage, food, faith and values. She’s made me think more times than I can mention. Take a look at this space. Join the community. You’ll be welcomed warmly.
  2. From the Bartolini Kitchens – Now, I’m sure to most of you John doesn’t need an introduction. He is one of the most inspiring, generous and versatile bloggers I know. His blog contains everything from beautiful, nourishing family recipes to genealogy and Bartolini history. He actually doesn’t ‘do’ awards (due to experiencing the same thing as me, I’m guessing) but I wanted to mention him anyway.
  3. Middle East Moments – Andrea is a blogger whom I now count as a foodie sister. She’s incredibly wise, strong and eloquent, and I’ve felt it a privilege to be able to follow her experiences as a wife, mother and Australian ex-pat in Jordan. Some of her stories are hilarious, others are cringe-worthy and frustrating. It’s an honest, genuine account of life in raw form. You’ll love this blog. Visit and be inspired.


5. Shine On Award

This award was given to me by the beautiful Helen at Eat Pray Bake. She’s a Toronto born girl who’s passionate about nutrition, food and cooking. Lucky for us, she’s shared a lot of her delicious recipes via her blog! For example, check out this Vegan ice-cream sandwich with banana soft serve. Drool-worthy!

As far as I understand, the Shine On award is:

“…for the blogs that shine, make you feel good and are inspiring to the reader.”

I have so, so many blogs on my reader list that fit that category! But before the nominations?

Seven things about me (are you sick of me yet?):

  1. I dislike my feet, but as I can’t walk without them I’ve grown to appreciate their usefulness.
  2. I hate being photographed (I had to pep-talk myself for months before my wedding day)
  3. I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like
  4. I attended law school for three years (out of five, as I was doing a double degree) before deciding I wasn’t cut out to be a lawyer. I transferred into psychology, then anthropology, then finally social work. I still don’t feel like I’m following the right career path. But it makes me money, so I do it.
  5. I was born in Hammersmith, London (England)
  6. My father is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and registered auditor. I hate maths.
  7. I’m currently reading Magician by Raymond E. Feist. Such a good book.

Nominees for the Shine On Award:

  1. IBD and Beyond: This blog was created by a beautiful woman named Lucy who was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and ulcerative colitis in 2001. She’s since undergone surgery to remove her colon (in 2009) and now has to manage a stoma/j-pouch as part of her everyday routine. But still, she smiles. Beautifully. Her blog has lots of tips and anecdotes to help fellow IBD sufferers manage their condition. She’s also given us a peek into her personal experience with a j-pouch. This woman is strong, courageous and inspiring. She’s an ideal candidate for this award.
  2. Saucy Gander: I love this blog. It’s the brainchild of a pretty awesome lawyer chick who also has a passion for food and travel. She has a fantastic sense of humour that shines through all of her posts. I always feel happy to experience the foodie life with her. I’m sure that you will too!
  3. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 4 – Kimberley is cool. Very cool. She’s also an amazing photographer who shares her beautiful world view with us on a regular basis… just check out links such as My View Master. Ah-mazing. I feel inspired by the feeling, light and sentiment that seems to inhabit her photographs. They’re much more than images on a screen. Take a look. You’ll be glad you did.

pulpmontNow, that’s seven down.

Seven to go. Onto the next post. Thanks for bearing with me.

66 responses

  1. Great post Laura, and I totally understand where you’re coming from. I love your generosity and descriptions of the other blogs/bloggers – looking forward to visiting quite a few of them!
    I’ve been gathering awards too, like you, to the point where it would be embarrassing to post about them all now! I’m really in a conundrum about it. Like you, I *just* manage to find time to write and photograph my recipes; but just haven’t found the time to respond to all the award acceptance criteria! I’m so appreciative of winning the awards, as I know you are too. It’s purely a timing thing. Really appreciate this post!

    • Hello lovely. Thanks for the kind words and the validation, I definitely needed it! I felt exactly the same in regards to the build-up of awards. It’s a beautiful privilege, but at the same time, the obligation to respond takes a lot of time away from actual blogging content. I’m so grateful for your understanding of both my grateful sentiment, and my decision to withdraw from the awards process. I can understand why you’d be in the same predicament. Your blog is beautiful; both your recipes and photographs draw me in every time. Maybe you should write a similar post? I feel much better after doing it. Take care Saskia, I appreciate you, blogging sister! xx

  2. Well done you! I ‘ve been too quiet to receive anything…my own fault for not keeping up the blogging habit regularly, but life has been too busy lately including like you fighting a dreadful virus. Keep it up, i love checking out what you’re up to.

    • Edwina! Hello beautiful! So sorry to hear that life has been so jam-packed for you. There are lots of horrible viruses going around this winter. Stay warm and look after yourself… don’t go out in the rain if you can help it! I’ll have to get on to organising a catch up when you’re better. Thanks for the beautiful encouragement. Hugs to you xx

    • Thank you so much Caroline, I appreciate it. Definitely check out some of the blog links… each and every one has been a source of inspiration to me :) You are too… thanks for being a beautiful support and encourager! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to (I’ve fallen a bit behind on my reading but will snuggle up with a cuppa and my laptop tonight hopefully) xx

    • Hello Ruby (and Ruby’s owner!). Thanks so much for the kind words. Definitely take a look at some of these inspiring blog links. It’s a privilege to have so many wonderful people to inspire us in the blogosphere! Love what you’re doing also. Thanks for being a blogging friend! xx

  3. Thank you for your lovely words Laura. Congratulations on all those awards! I also scribble recipes on scraps too! Usually the back if receipts! :)

    • Haha, glad that we have the same technique Poppy :) It works, doesn’t it (well, except when I lose my scraps of paper!). Thanks for the beautiful nomination. I appreciate you very much xx

  4. wow! congrats on all those awards!! you most certainly deserve them :)
    hope your feeling better soon!

    • Hello sweetness! I appreciate the lovely encouragement. Ah, I don’t really know if I deserve them all but I’m very grateful. Thanks for travelling on the journey with me (and yep, I’m getting better… still a bit snuffly but recovering slowly!) xx

  5. Oh Laura, you are too sweet! Thank you for all those kind words- congratulations on all the award nominations, you deserve it! I love reading all your blog posts, they always brighten my day :)

    • Aw, thank you Gen. I appreciate you heaps and it was a privilege that you thought of me! Can’t wait to catch up on my reader to see what you’ve been up to next. Your blog is gorgeous xx

    • Aw, thank you lovely. Yep, I’m sitting here with a cup of herbal tea and a box of tissues. I’m getting there, but it’s just taking a while *sniff*!! I appreciate the kind words x

  6. I am so sorry you are feeling icky!!! Here, have a virtual tissue!! Now blow! Haha. I do hope you feel better though!!! Re: the awards, I totally know what you mean. And thank you very much for thinking of me in the awards! Love ya!! I don’t like socks, either. And I don’t ever write any recipes down, so by the time it comes time to post, which is sometimes weeks after I’ve made something, I’m like uhhhhhhh how did I make this again?!? Haha. Ad oh my goodness, those are some expensive bananas! So I take it you watch The Walking Dead?? Ooey, bugs. Creepy crawlies creep me out. And uh, oh my. That’s a lot of marmalade you’ve made there. !!! I used so many !!! in this response!!!

    • Aw, Whitney! Those virtual tissues made all the difference. Now I need a virtual rubbish bin (got one? Argh, sticky tissues everywhere!).
      Re forgetting to write recipes down, it’s such a pain isn’t it?! There are quite a few things in that category for me, too… though in your case, I could never tell from reading your very thorough posts!
      I’ve watched quite a few episodes of The Walking Dead. I like it, but the zombies aren’t quite as ‘scary’ as I like them to be (I always feel like I’m watching a sorta comedy, which is cool but… well, it takes the shock value out of it).
      In regards to exclamation points, ha! I am often guilty of exactly the same thing. They’re so easy to use!!!! ;) xx

  7. Very well said! I love the acceptance and appreciation within the blogging community but it can get overwhelming for sure.
    Thank you so much for the lovely shout out and I look forward to following along on your blogging journey.
    All the best!

  8. Thank you for the morning wake up smile Laura. After camping out on your post this morning and checking out the other blog sites, I feel blessed to be in such great company. Whoa, you called me cool! :) I like that! I read it to my 12 year old daughter and she laughed because she thinks I am anything but! Ha ha….ps~ I live in my Havianas too pretty much all year long. Even wore them to a wedding once…..except they were adorned with Swarvoski crystals, so I kind of got away with it!

    • Haha, Kim… one day your daughter will realise how cool you really are. I say that because, when I was 12, I thought my mother was the most embarrassing person on the earth… but now as an adult I reflect back and think: “Gee, I was an idiot. She’s amazing, she was the coolest mother ever and I never realised it. I need to grovel and make her lots of cups of tea”. So, get ready for lots of cups of tea in… say, 8 years time? I love that you also live in your Havi’s. I’ve never worn them to a wedding (my husband would’ve killed me, he thinks I wear them too much anyway) but you have my respect. Huge amounts! xx

  9. No worries on the award thing. I feel the same way and I haven’t received nearly as many awards as you! I have seen others pass them on, but just to one blogger, which I also think is a good idea.

    You so deserve the awards! And I absolutely agree with your nominations (at least the ones I know).

    • Hello lovely. Thanks for the tip about the one-blogger-nomination, that’s a great idea! I’ll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I appreciate you heaps, and I’m glad that we think the same in regards to the nominations! xx

  10. Ooh lovely! A whole pile of new blogs to check out! :-) Thank you.
    Are your sinuses blocked? A trick I learned on Pinterest (don’t judge – I’m an addict)
    Press your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth for a few seconds, then release
    Then, using one finger, press a point at the top of your nose – between your eyes,for a few seconds and release.
    Apparently there is a little bone in there somewhere, that this process ‘rocks’. Your sinuses will clear like magic :-)

    • Janet! Hello lovely! Haha… Pinterest is something that I seem to keep forgetting about. I loved it for a while but I haven’t pinned anything for ages (I have enough reading to do on WordPress!). I need to remedy that, it seems (I never knew I could find health information on there!). Thanks for the tip. My nasal passages have cleared now (after about a week!) but I’ll try to remember this for next time. Hope that you’re well? xx

    • Thank you so much lovely. I’m feeling much more alive now. Still a little snuffly but functioning well enough to be back at work (is that a good thing? I’m still deciding!!) x

  11. Although I’ve not known you for long, Laura, I’d say you’re deserving of any and all awards that come your way. Heck! I would have given you an award for saving that cheesecake!
    Thank you for the mention. That was very kind of you to do, and, you’re right. I left the award process under similar circumstances. i must say that everyone has been very understanding, too. :)

    • Hey John! Thanks so much for the lovely words. Haha… an award-winning almost catastrophic cheesecake? That’s an extra score! :)
      I did feel that I wanted to mention you, even though I’m aware of your stance on awards now (I LOVED that Sally Field “No More Awards” picture on your awards page! I wanted to add it here but I was too wimpy). I’ve got huge respect, love and admiration for what you’re doing over at the Bartolini kitchens. Thanks for the encouragement re people’s understanding also. I was a little apprehensive but I feel much better about things now :)

  12. Laura. Your kind words in every single nomination are so inspiring and encouraging. Thank you so much for including me in your nominees, I’m honored. :) You have no idea how happy I am when I see your new posts show up in my notifications! I read every single word! Ha! …my name is Seana! (shawna) I never even think about my name being attached to my blog… is that odd? Hope you are feeling better today! Thank you again…

    • Seana! Hi, my name is Laura (there we go, we’ve been properly introduced! haha). Thanks for the beautiful words of encouragement. I am so, so grateful to have met you via the blogosphere. I have huge respect and love for what you’re doing over at Tiny White Cottage. Your posts make me equally happy! And yes, I’m feeling much better today. My snuffly nose is clearing up and more importantly, I no longer feel like I have cotton wool in my head! Must be all that citrus! Hugs xx

    • Haha, thanks Claudia! Yes, it’s a little overwhelming actually. I feel very blessed. And re the new nominees, yes there are many beautiful blogs to discover! These are definitely some of my favourites… I’m sure you’ll enjoy them xx

  13. I hope you’re feeling a bit better today :s Here, have a tissue and a tub of ice cream :) Congratulations on the awards, girl! *whoops* *offers high fives*

    • Fionaaaa! My tissue dropped into my ice cream! It has snot on it. Sad day :/
      Thanks for the celebratory wooop! Fives back your way, just cos you’re completely awesome (though your questions were freaking hard, as you’ll see in my next post!) xx

  14. Pingback: Awards and Acknowledgements (IV) « Laura's Mess

  15. Wow thank you Laura. Its so wonderful to feel appreciated by you as I admire your blog so much. I also love reading the things about you and all the other bloggers you nominate. I can understand how time consuming these posts are though. Anyway, congratulations and thank you too! xxx

    • Hello lovely Sofia. I appreciate you too. Glad that you’ve enjoyed this post, I was quite worried about these awards posts becoming way too long! Sending you a hug xx

  16. Laura, thank you so much!!! You are so kind & sweet, and the sheer amount of awards that you have been nominated for reflect this! – you deserve every single one of them :) You totally made my day and gave me a confidence booster, so thank you again for taking the time, and I hope you feel better!!!

    • Hello lovely! Thanks for the beautiful response. I love what you’re doing over at the Striped Strawberry… you’re a gorgeous, vibrant soul and it’s evident in every post that you write. Can’t wait to see where the blogging world takes you in a couple of years :) Oh, and I am feeling much better thanks. Hugs xx

  17. Wow, so many awards! Congratulations Laura :) It really shows how wonderful your blog is, and how wonderful you are. The amount of detail that you put into each of these acceptance posts always astounds me…I can tell that each of the blogs that you nominate, you truly love. Hope that you are feeling much better now!

    • Thank you so much lovely. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest, but I wanted to make sure that I did the ‘acceptance’ thing well as it was going to be my last two awards posts. I do truly love each and every blog I nominated. I tried to ensure that I also picked as many as possible that I hadn’t nominated previously. Thanks for being such a beautiful blogging friend. I appreciate you and admire you hugely xx

  18. Oh my goodness! And I missed this! I would feel terrible about missing it but I’m too busy being tickled pink about discovering it! Thank you, ever so much. This has just brightened my week (year!). I’m certainly not nearly as talented as you, but the nomination was heartwarming ! Blogging friends are the best xxxxxxx

    • Aw, hey lovely! Haha… it wasn’t your fault at all. I didn’t actually send out official notifications for the nominations (as I was being lazy after writing the post!) so the only people that found it were the ones who followed the trackback. I meant every word I wrote about your beautiful blogspace though. Love your work, you’re a gorgeous blogging sister! Hugs xx

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