prosciutto and roast sweetcorn muffins


This coming Sunday, my beautiful friend Elissa (doctor and haiku writer extraordinaire) is moving to the port city of Bunbury from Perth, Western Australia. That’s 175 kilometres away; a great chunk of bitumen framed by dirt, trees and a kangaroo if you’re lucky.

No, it’s not the end of the world, or even the end of Western Australia. But it’s far enough to mean no last minute coffee dates, weeknight dinners or Rage-a-thons on Friday nights. For the next six-or-so months, our ‘dates’ will require a full tank of fuel and a sizeable drive. And a packed lunch (if you’re a Hobbit like me).



Understandably, the past fortnight has been a series of goodbye events for those of us in Elissa’s friendship group; particularly her beautiful bestie Deanne and… well, me (also known as ‘sisterling’, as we’ve been happily mistaken for sisters more than once).

The first of these goodbye events was two weeks ago; an afternoon tea at Elissa’s apartment for a small group of girlfriends. We drank tea from pretty cups whilst feasting on anecdotes, crudites, taramasalata, soft cheese and corn muffins with Parmesan and smoky paprika.

The latter were made by myself and Deanne with occasional help from a spotty-socked Kelpie named Lucy (below; she smiles for pig’s ears).



lucy1Throughout the course of an afternoon, Deanne and I chatted, laughed, baked and cried. Somehow in the midst of that, these muffins emerged from the oven.

Despite the fact that I met Deanne through our mutual friendship with Elissa, I feel very blessed to have her in my life. She’s one of the most genuine, transparent, loving and generous hearts I have ever met on this earth. Her second blog Gratitude, All the Time is testament to that.


But back to the muffins: these were real crowd-pleasers. Moist, soft, sweet with blackened corn and salty with crisp prosciutto. They also had some added kick from the fragrant smoked paprika (Elissa referred to it as the ‘secret ingredient’ and I’d have to agree).

As for the recipe, Dea found it here via Good Food. We made a few edits, including the addition of dried parsley (there wasn’t enough of the fresh herb in the pot) and the substitution of whole milk for buttermilk (as Dea doesn’t believe in buttermilk. I think. Or something like that).

smokedpaprikaI’ve included an edited but unabridged version of the recipe below in case you’d like to try them. They’re simple and very forgiving (trust me, we interrupted the process multiple times).

Dea and I also feel that the muffins would be highly adaptable for those who prefer to exercise some artistic license. Chipotle and lime butter, anyone?


Prosciutto and Roast Sweetcorn Muffins

Adapted from this recipe by Good Food.

Makes 12 regular-sized muffins

  • 200g canned corn kernels, drained (or fresh kernels from 2-3 cobs, removed)
  • 6 slices prosciutto
  • 225g self-raising flour, sifted
  • tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tbsp castor sugar
  • tsp sea salt
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 150ml buttermilk
  • 80g butter, melted and cooled
  • 2 tbsp chopped parsley
  • 2 tbsp grated Parmesan or cheddar cheese

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees C (374 degrees f). Drain your canned corn and scatter it over a lined oven tray.

corntrayBake for 10-15 minutes or until slightly blackened around the edges. Leave to cool.

Add the flour, paprika, cumin, sugar and sea salt to a large mixing bowl.


In a separate bowl, whisk together the eggs, buttermilk and melted butter. Add in the parsley and all but one tablespoon of the corn, mixing well.

Make a well in the centre of the flour mixture, then add in the egg and milk. Combine very lightly with a fork until thick and clumpy. Do not overmix.

Lightly oil twelve regular-sized muffin holes. Line the sides of each hole with a slice of prosciutto.


Divide the mixture between the muffin holes, filling right to the top. Scatter over the remaining corn kernels and Parmesan cheese.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until golden (an inserted skewer should come out clean).


Serve these muffins warm with butter, cream cheese and/or tomato chutney. They are best consumed on the day they were made.


Elissa: thanks for being the genuinely beautiful friend that you are. Have a safe trip down to Bunno and know that we’re coming to visit you very, very soon (in fact, you’d better put the kettle on. You may never get rid of us).

Deanne: you’re amazing. You deserve to be treasured for the incredibly generous and wise person that you are. I look forward to our next cook-up very soon!

102 responses

  1. These look wonderful! I love muffins of any sort. I’m sorry that your friend is moving away. A good friend of mine is moving to North Carolina (a state about 14 hours away). I’m quite sad about it, and you would think that after all these years of moving around the country, I would be used to is. Alas, it’s hard to adjust to not seeing someone you love as often as you did. Thankfully, the internet makes it much easier than it used to be. I’ve been known to drown my sorrows in carbs many a time. Have a fabulous weekend. xx

    • Aw Julie, I am so sorry to hear that your friend moved 14 hours away! That’s much worse than the average 2 hours to get to Bunbury :( You’re right, it’s difficult not being able to see close friends at the drop of a hat. But on the flip side, I guess it makes you appreciate the time you DO have together so much more. Hope that your week is going well. And yes, carbs are a lifesaver! xx

    • Thanks so much Maria! Yes, it’s difficult to say goodbye to good friends but I need to console myself with the fact that she’s only two hours away. And I’ll be travelling to spend the weekend in a fortnight so we’ll get to hang out. Can’t wait! xx

    • Aw, thanks heaps Pam (sorry if it’s weird to be getting this comment now, I am so behind on my responses). Yes, Lucy is the cutest!!! I loved being able to spend the afternoon with her and Deanne… makes baking even more fun xx

  2. I love the prosciutto lining – what a cute idea!
    And you have an Australian GoodFood like ours!!! I’m so excited! I check the UK one regularly for the latest recipe updates, and now I have another one to pour over … oh dear. I’ll never escape the food website temptation 8O
    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend leaving. Blergh, that’s so stupid when friends go away. As penance she should return to visit you with a big plate of brownies at LEAST once a months ;)

    • I know, I completely agree that good friends should never be allowed to move away! But yeah, brownies might help… a teeeensy bit. And the Aussie Good Food is a great resource. I do check the UK one also… as I used to buy the magazines when I lived there. Ah, I’m addicted to food resources, it’s TERRIBLE! xx

  3. Looks beautiful and delicious! I can testify that it is very sad when good friends move away, but when they are only a days (or less) drive away it makes for a nice holiday spot. My best friend moved 2 hours drive away and though at first we thought we had lost our happy hour tradition, we now meet once a month or so half way.

  4. Love the muffins, brilliant wrapping in prosciutto. Very sorry to hear that your friend is moving but it’s good that she is still driving distance so you can see each other. I love the idea of a tea party. I must plan one for my friends. Great idea!

    • Yes, definitely do the tea party! It’s such fun, a perfect excuse to get together and feast in the afternoon. The prosciutto worked really well as a lining. I think I’ll be using the idea over and over again xx

  5. Goodbyes are the worst. I can tell you because I have experienced a lifetime’s share of them already. The blessing is that the friendship will survive separation. The best ones always do. But let’s talk about this muffin because you cannot keep being sad while you eat anything wrapped in prosciutto. You just can’t. Especially if it includes smoked paprika, because, I gotta tell you, it’s one of my favorite secret ingredients too.

    • Aww, you’re entirely right Stacy. True friendship isn’t dependent upon distance, time or frequency of visits. I’m glad that your friendships are testament to that! At least I can drive down to see Elissa in less than one day… you must be incredibly strong and resilient to be in a different country altogether! Thanks for the sweet words. And yes, I am obsessed with smoked paprika… it’s wonderful! xx

    • You’re entirely right Julia, she far outshines the muffins. Such a cute, friendly little Kelpie. She kept us good company all afternoon… if Dea didn’t love her so much I’d try to steal her ;) x

  6. Very nice indeed. Want some with the chipotle and lime butter fer sure… always sucks bum to say goodbye to friends, but at least she only moved to Bunbury and not Tasmania… although it would give you a good excuse to visit Tasmania… I’m getting out of here

  7. Please send me some of your sunshine. I feel my vitamin d levels boosted just from looking at these photos. And happiness increasing from the words. And appetite growing… Ahhhh!

    • Oh, I wish I could bottle some up and send it to you! We’ve actually got way too much sunshine here at the moment… it’s killing all of my pot plants and turning the world brown. I need to slather on sunscreen just to step outside the door but at least we’ve got lots of natural light and vitamin D! Thanks for the sweet words, I am loving your salad posts at the moment. I was dreaming about the gorgeous roasted cauli one with the tahini dressing last night (I am planning to make it tonight!) xxx

      • Oh man, all we have here are floods gales storms and cold- it’s getting nastier instead of better! Oh well can’t complain too much- I do live in England after all! Our plants are at least looking extremely well watered… Small silver linings!
        Well I do believe that your seared salmon post has inspired me a lot in the kitchen this week. Something so simple.. Yet so good. And crispy skin is a must! (I’ve actually been up to a fish counter more than once just requesting it for sushi handrolls!) x

      • Oh dear! I’d want to stay inside every day I think! I’m currently staring out of the window at my very sad, sun scorched basil plant, I think I’d better water it before work! Glad that you’re feeling inspired in the kitchen… I love sashimi and salmon in sushi, yum! Totally agree that sometimes the simple things are the best! xx

    • Hahaa… yep, lots of sunshine in this part of the world at present. I completely agree, the prosciutto was a lovely salty addition but the sweetcorn and smoked paprika were delicious enough :) Thanks for taking the time to write Uru xx

  8. Isn’t roasted corn just incredible? It transitions from delicious to an absolute over-the-top mix of sweet and exotic flavors. They look beautiful.

    And good luck to your friend. May you share many more meals despite the miles apart….

  9. This i will try this weekend …. have some tins with corn kennels. Smoked paprika – I doubt I will find .. but I can add some smoked sauce to the muffins and I will use thinly slice bacon, don’t want to go out shopping in this winter. Printing now. Thanks for this one.

    • Aw, thanks for the lovely message Viveka. I have gotten so behind on answering comments recently… but I do hope that the muffins turned out well for you? Your adjustments sound like they would’ve worked brilliantly. Hope that you have kept warm through the winter xx

      • Laura, I did them last week .. and I adjusted the recipe to what I had at home – but bacon didn’t work that well .. because of the fat in the bacon the base of the muffins went soggy.
        Going to do them tomorrow again – and I will use dry ham instead. So easy to make and I really like them, great served with salsa.

      • Oh, sorry to hear about the results with the bacon! Good luck with the ham… so glad that you’re enjoying the recipe and the experimentation process :) x

  10. It is always sad when friends move away but I feel that great friendships survive distances and last forever. And hey now you will more reasons to visit Bunbury :) The Muffins looks gorgeous and so so delicious, as always a great recipe with gorgeous pictures Laura.

    Best wishes to your friends.

    • You’re completely right, good friendships are definitely strong enough to survive distance, and to be honest I am pretty lucky that Elissa is only a couple of hours away :) Thanks for the kind words lovely! x

  11. Those muffins have my name all over then too. And just thinking about lime butter makes me want to churn some butter now! What a good way to farewell a good friend. It was sad when I moved cities, and then moved back, both times leaving friends behind, but we still kept in touch and visited, and ate lots of food together of course!

    • Haha, yes… it’s amazing how easy it is to churn your own butter! I’m loving it! And I am glad that your friendships have been strengthened by distance (and a mutual love of food, of course!). I am sure that we’ll be the same xx

  12. these muffins look like the kind of thing dreams are made of, and that prosciutto picture is meant for the national geographic of food- it’s stunning. this is an incredibly complimentary comment, but goodness- yum!!

  13. Thank you for your sweet words and delicious muffins. I would never have thought to combine these flavours in a muffin. As Trixpin suggests, I shall endeavour to visit you, brownies in hand (or in tray), on occasion. However, I would like it even more if we explore the beauty and food of South West WA together. Until then, E xxx

    • Yes, I cannot wait to explore the south west together… it shall be grand Miss E! Even better than transported brownies… we should bake them together in good ol’ Funbury one day! The world should really know that you make the absolute best muffins in the history of mankind. The coffee addition has changed my life forever! xx

  14. Great looking muffins! I love corn in baked goods, they have that pleasant chew and pop. Good friends are hard to find but its important to keep them close even if they move away. I moved away from my best friends but make sure we are always in touch. We can’t visit bearing brownies or muffins seeing that we’re in different States but we try.

      • Hey Naz, sorry for the delayed reply to this comment. I have been a bit behind on my blog stuff recently, argh! Anyway, I will make sure that I check in on your NEW blog, not the old one… I have no idea how I got mixed up so I apologise. And re friends, I definitely agree that it’s an important thing to keep in touch despite distance. Sorry that you’re so far away from your best friends… but I guess it makes the infrequent catch ups much sweeter. Thanks for the lovely words xx

  15. My best friend lives in Bunbury. It’s a long way to go for coffee, but I do it every so often. It’s a pleasure to travel the Ks for a sisterling. I bet these gorgeous muffins were delicious. Parting is such sweetcorn sorrow. x

    • You’re completely right, distance isn’t a big obstruction when it comes to good friends. I didn’t know you had connections over the West side Jen! If you land in Perth we should catch up for brekky or something… or some sweetcorn, whatever! x

  16. What could possibly be wrong with anything that combines prosciutto and corn? And th chipotle-lime butter sounds like a grat idea! Your photos are, as ever, gorgeous!

  17. You had me at prosciutto…. that little Lucy dog is just the sweetest… I’m all for the chipotle lime butter… AND… saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever :( It sounds like you have a lovely core friendship with these girls and that’s all you need to defy the distance. I’m sure it’s bittersweet. But seriously, all you have to do is bribe Elissa with some of your delicious food and she’ll be back to visit in a flash! xx

    • Thanks so much Em. Yes, I definitely agree that distance isn’t too much effort when it comes to good friends! I’m lucky really, as it’s only a few hours to drive there but… well, I guess I’ve been spoilt! There will be plenty of good foodie times to come xx

  18. Goodbyes are always hard. But there are great memories and meetings to look forward to with best friends. These muffins look smashing and I love the prosciutto in it. So delicious!
    I hope you meet your friends soon.

    • You are completely right Sonali. And yes, we will catch up soon… it’ll be grand. It’s a plus that E now lives in the south west (near the wine region!) so there will be lots of girlie chats I am sure! xx

  19. What a genius way to make a muffin – they look fantastic. I’m going to have to try them :-) Transitions in life are always such a mixture of loss and gratefulness, aren’t they? And what a sweetheart Lucy is. Her gaze just makes my heart melt :-)

    • She is SUCH a sweet dog. Full of beans and lots of affection. Hope that the muffins turn out well for you if you try them… I am certain that they’d be just as delicious without the prosciutto x

    • Aw, I am sorry to hear that you’re a distance away from your best friend. It’s hard, I hope that you both fit in lots of visits! And yep… I’d steal Lucy if I could (but Deanne loves her too much, so… well, I guess I’d better not!) x

  20. Laura, I like the sound and look of this recipe for savory muffins. To roast the corn and add that smoked paprika as the “secret” ingredient must give these muffins a nice layer of flavor and I also love the fact that you wrapped a layer of lovely prosciutto around the muffins before baking – that gives them such a nice look. Baking these treats is such a wonderful way to celebrate friendship! Love all your fabulous photos too! Such a treat for me today and every time I come here for a “visit”!

    • The smoked paprika was so wonderful in the mixture… it gave it this fragrance, warmth and delicious depth of flavour. Magic! So glad that you enjoyed the post.And you’re completely right, friends and food go hand in hand xx

  21. When I lived in Australia I had a dog like Lucy (only with less proportion of white fur), she was so sweet! What lovely muffins, so much hard work with the ham, very fancy indeed :)

    • I used to have a Kelpie myself actually… such energetic dogs, he was a bit much for me!! He was gorgeous though (his name was Jack). Thanks for the sweet words Sofia. The muffins were much easier than they look! x

  22. I just love savoury muffins, and yours look and sound gorgeous, dear Laura – as always! I’m totally convinced that they have been a wonderful contribution to your farewell-party. It’s always sad to see beloved people move to a different place, but your party has surely been a wonderful celebration of friendship. Also love the picture of the dog ;-).

  23. Laura, your posts always feel like works of art! Such beautiful writing, photography and recipes. I love that you elevated corn muffins to a whole other level with the roasted corn, prosciutto and extra herbs! They look truly delicious!!

    • Aw, you are way too kind Erika. I am equally in love with everything you do over at The Pancake Princess. We should just start a mutual admiration society! ;) Thanks for the kind words. The muffins were definitely delicious, we loved them xx

  24. I made these tasty muffins yesterday but used defrosted fresh corn. They were stunning & ooh so tasty too! I ate them with a goods home-made soup! Yum Yum yum, it surely was! xxx

    • Thanks so much Paula! Yep, we’ve already got one planned for the end of February! Should be lots of fun. I just took another look at your cheesy muffin post… so delicious. Another recipe to add to the arsenal. Hope that all is going ok for you at present and that life isn’t too crazy busy! Hugs xxx

  25. Yum! I love a good savoury muffin! And the wrap of prosciutto around it is genius!
    Plus i totally love your reference to a Hobbit at the start :) I too need my six meals a day like a hobbit haha :P
    The dog is so adorable!
    Great post :)

  26. Lucy reminds me of Cookie! Bigger, though. I would be lost without my friends (canine and human). I’m sorry your friend is moving. I keep in touch with a couple of friends by phone now that we live far away, and I always feel like they’re in the room with me the minute I hear their voice.

    • We are so lucky to live in a world where technology enables us to communicate so easily (across distances, time zones and cultural borders). I feel exactly the same, friends are one of the most essential parts of my existence and I’m grateful for each and every one of them :) Thanks for taking the time to comment Kate, hope that you’re feeling a bit better now? x

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