marinated bell peppers with herbs and goats cheese

peppersBy now, you’ve probably already read my epic Spanish Table post that was generated after last weekend’s festivities with Inspired Food and Feed Your Soul, Perth. Here’s the final recipe for bell peppers marinated in fragrant herbs, lemon zest, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Pile onto some fresh bread for a wonderful entree, lunch or tapas dish.

Marinated Peppers with Herbs and Goats Cheese

Serves 6 as part of a tapas meal, 2 as an entree

  • 200g mixed baby peppers
  • 1/4 cup chopped mixed herbs (I used dill, mint, parsley and coriander)
  • finely grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 60g soft mild goats cheese or Persian feta
  • fresh bread, to serve

Preheat a char grill pan over medium-high heat. Add the whole baby peppers to the pan and cook, turning occasionally, until blistered and blackened.


Whilst still hot, place into a plastic bag or bowl covered in plastic wrap and allow to steam (this allows the skins to loosen from the flesh). Set aside.


Place the chopped herbs, lemon zest, crushed garlic and olive oil into a medium bowl. Mix well and season to taste. Set aside.


When the peppers are cool, peel off the blackened skins and scrape out the seeds and membranes. Cut or tear into thick slices, then add to the bowl of herb oil. Mix well and allow to marinate for one hour.


To serve, gently add in the crumbled goats cheese and turn into a serving bowl. Garnish with a bit of extra herbage if desired. Serve the peppers piled onto fresh bread or as a tasty addition to a wrap or sandwich. Make sure you drizzle over a bit of the delicious oil, too.


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  1. We’ve decided to plant peppers in our little garden out back along with tomatoes. The back gets a lot of sun, so I think they’ll work. But I’m not waiting that long before making this dish. I love Spanish tapas, and this would be perfect!!

    • I’ve never grown peppers but a cafe down the road from me has a planter box full of them, right out in the sun, and they’re thriving! Sounds like your back garden is the perfect spot. Hope that you enjoy the dish when you try it, it’s one of my favourites – so easy xx

  2. Those baby pepper are so cute! I see them all the time in my grocery store, but don’t often buy them. But then, I never thought of pairing them with goat cheese! Great idea — thanks.

    • Definitely grab some next time you’re at the store John! Their sweetness is beautifully concentrated. Hope that you enjoy the combination, it’s one of my favourites.

  3. Oh, goodness! This all looks awesome! I’m afraid I would have waddled out of there from eating so much good food! Add to it the good company, and it looks like it was a winning night. Enjoy your week. xx

    • Hahaha! I did waddle out of there, in a food coma to boot! Good thing it’s only once every two months or I’d be the size of a house :) Thanks so much lovely xx

    • Haha, awesome! Glad that you guys enjoyed it… marinated peppers are definitely one of my favourite things! Conversely, I am itching to make those paprika chicken wings. SO GOOD!

    • Thanks lovely Brydie. I was really happy with the photos… beautiful produce like this doesn’t require one iota of editing to look good! It tasted even better than it looked xx

    • Yeah, it sort of is, come to think of it! I didn’t actually think about the comparison until you mentioned it. It’s a little less garlicky than chimichurri and I didn’t add any chilli (I don’t know if all chimichurri has chilli in it but the one that my Argentinean friend’s father makes is pretty spicy) but there’s a lot of similarity. Was so yum! x

    • Thanks Karen! I tend to add goats cheese to almost everything (well, that’s a little bit exaggerated but I do love it so there’s always some in the fridge) so this came naturally to me. The herbs, lemon and sweet peppers worked really well with the slight tang of the soft cheese x

    • Yes, I completely agree! It’s still relatively warm and sunny here, the nights are cooler but I’m enjoying the last remnants of summer and autumn. I’ll be sad when the summer fruits finally disappear! x

    • Great spot Francesca, yes Aaron made the little pomegranate icon! He’s not entirely happy with it, to be honest, but I love it. I’m a pomegranate fiend so he made it in reference to the frequency that it appears on our kitchen table! Thanks for the lovely comment xxx

      • I think it’s great! Just perfect the way it is. I’m under the impression that artists are never entirely happy with their work. There is always something they would like to change. I think this super cute pomegranate would be the perfect main character for a children book and I read your second hand story. Writer + illustrator in the same house … just a suggestion.

      • It’s a very good idea Francesca, in fact Aaron and I have wanted to collaborate on something for a while… it just hasn’t happened yet! And you’re right, Aaron creates brilliant stuff which he’s not happy with. I guess the high standards are (in part) what make an artist so good at what they do! xx

  4. THANKS for stopping by Laura and here I am too – It’s been a while and I see I have missed loads of fabulous fare! I LOVE this recipe and as ever, your photos are JUST stunning and so atmospheric! Karen

    • Oh Karen, thanks so much for the lovely message! Means a lot to have your encouragement. Thanks for taking the time to have a read, glad that you enjoyed the new content xx

    • Yep, I’m pretty excited about the Mexican feast! Matt and I are obsessed with authentic Mexican cooking so I think it will be an extravaganza of giant proportions! xx

    • Thanks so much Jon. You’re completely right, very simple but downright delicious (my favourite combination!). Hope that the weather is gradually warming up for you over there!

  5. Oh my goodness! This is insanely beautiful – both the killer-awesome pics and the gloriously flavorful ingredients! One of those “I seriously think I could probably eat this every day and not get tired of it” recipes. Can’t pin it quick enough! :D

  6. These are going straight into a wrap with some falafel, feta and hummus – lunch sorted! Actually it will be lunch tomorrow, as I will be making them this afternoon after a visit to the fruit and veg markets to get some peppers! Wish it was lunch today though – my mouth is watering in anticipation now. xx

  7. This looks delicious, of course, but two other things to tell you : I had coffee with MacKenzie from suziefreakinhomemaker and we had a full-on gush sesh about how much we love your blog, and last night i made something kind of similar that fell like a ‘laure’s mess’ inspired dish: stuffed peppers with feta and hummus- you’d of been proud (i think!)

  8. Laura, ah, these wonderful photos again – I can almost smell all the ingredients – this is a great recipe, I am a big fan of marinated veg but I have never marinated bell peppers before, usually steer towards zucchini, aubergine and fennel. But we are having guests over on Wednesday and I am making a vegetarian meal – so I should give these a try. I am quite certain that they will be very well received!

    • Thank you lovely! You are so right… zucchini, aubergines and fennel are wonderful when marinated. The bell peppers are some of my favourites though. The sweetness goes well with the herbs, garlic and lemon. Hope that you enjoyed your Wednesday meal… yum! Thanks again for your kind comment xx

  9. Laura! Have to tell you that since you posted this I have been having this for lunch a couple of times a week – have been adding finely sliced kale, coriander as my herb and quinoa – you’re a gem!

    • Oh yay! It is always awesome to find out that someone has good results with my recipes! The sliced kale and quinoa additions sound beautiful, yum. Hope that you’ve been well lovely xx

  10. Gorgeous flavours and colours. Chargrilling peppers or for that matter any vegetable brings out it’s flavours…I love the smoky taste in them. I can’t wait to make this beautiful!

    • Thank you Amy! Oh, talking about lovely photos… your blog is beautiful! I’ve just been drooling over the chamomile scones. I definitely want to make them. Thanks for the comment xx

  11. I love goat’s cheese .. and peppers – fantastic combination. Your photos are such an eye candy .. and what is said is true, we eat with our eyes first.
    By the way when are you coming to Malmö????

    • Hello Viveka, nice to hear from you! Yes we will be coming to Malmo at the end of July! Not sure what dates we will be spending where at present, as my Uncle is going to take us on a bit of a Swedish road trip, but I will keep in touch and hopefully we can have a cup of tea somewhere xx

      • Wonderful news … I will be going to Vienna for a couple of days in August, 7-12. Otherwise I will be around. I hope that your uncle will take you to our lovely town of Landskrona … you will love it here, down by the old castle and all our fantastic parks. *smile
        Of course we stay in touch.

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