mary street bakery, highgate


I’m a little late to the hype that surrounds the Mary Street Bakery. Since it replaced the now-defunct Soto Espresso on the Beaufort Street cafe strip in mid-2013, it’s proved to be hugely popular with locals and visitors alike.

We visited for breakfast on a sunny Wednesday morning in the middle of the Easter/Anzac Day holiday period. Walking towards the Bakery’s prominent pink neon sign, it was immediately apparent that the venue was bustling. Luckily, we snagged a recently-vacated table near the front window, softly illuminated by the mid-morning sun.


Despite the demands of many customers, service was prompt and courteous. A staff member was quick to clear the table, taking our coffee orders before leaving us to quietly peruse the menu.

Something that immediately impressed was the Bakery’s commitment to using locally sourced, quality Western Australian produce such as stone-milled Eden Valley Biodynamic Flour from Dumbleyung, small-batch roasted Pound Coffee from Justin and Irene in O’Connor and Margaret River Free-Range Eggs from Jan and Kim Harwood’s farm in the beautiful south-west.

It’s a beautiful embodiment of the locavore policy, though I’d expect nothing less from a business owned by the creative minds behind Cantina 663, El Publico and ACE Pizza (full credit to them for their innovation, amazing food and general commitment to the local community).


coffeeAfter toying over options such as baked eggs and custard-filled doughnuts, we finally agreed on boiled eggs with buttered soldiers and corn relish ($11), poached seasonal fruits with coconut yoghurt and granola ($13) and wholegrain porridge with fresh banana, toasted pepitas and honey ($14).

Whilst waiting for our food to arrive, Aaron ventured up to the bakery counter whilst my mother and I guessed the weight of a giant staghorn mounted above our table (that thing was big). The room’s soft conversational hum provided a soothing soundtrack as we sipped upon mellow, creamy coffee from Pound.



Our food arrived in a timely fashion, elegantly presented and reasonably portioned. I was immediately absorbed by the vibrant hue of my poached fruit with thick, creamy coconut yoghurt. The rhubarb was a little on the crunchy, fibrous side but I was otherwise satisfied by the mix of grains, toasted nuts and soft, subtly sweet fruit. The mint leaves were both a colourful and refreshing touch.



The soft-boiled eggs arrived slightly on the firmer side, possibly due to the demands of the holiday period. However, the bright free-range yolks were a wonderful accompaniment to crisp fingers of the Bakery’s organic stone ground bread and good French butter. My mother particularly enjoyed the dollop of house-made corn relish and flaked sea salt.

porridgeThe last dish that we sampled was the Bakery’s soft, creamy oat porridge with banana, freeze-dried raspberries, toasted pepitas and a drizzle of honey.

Unfortunately for Aaron, embedded in the creamy deliciousness were fragments of a particular food nemesis: banana chips. Now, speaking personally, I have nothing against crisp pieces of banana that have been dried in coconut oil. But for Aaron? Hatred would be an appropriate word. After some fleeting annoyance, he amiably scraped out the undeclared offenders before enjoying the rest of his rather beautiful porridge and fresh, sweet banana.


As you may expect, the bakery items at Mary Street are rather exceptional. If you’re after the full experience, grab something to-go from their beautiful range of organic loaves, filled fresh doughnuts, pastries, meat pies and tarts (take a look at their Instagram feed for some samples). They also sell their house-made gluten free granola in 500g bags.


All in all, Mary Street Bakery is an earthy, well-designed venue that caters for takeaway work lunches, relaxing Saturday brunch and afternoon tea with friends. Its friendly adaptability will likely make it a welcome fixture on the Beaufort Street strip for years to come.


Mary Street Bakery

507 Beaufort Street, Highgate WA 6003

0499 509 300

Open: Mon – Sun, 7am – 4pm


40 responses

    • Oh Emma! You need to come and visit Western Australia one day… I think you’d enjoy it, there’s a huge emphasis on catering for food intolerances whilst still offering lovely fresh food. Thanks for the sweet message. Yup, yay for gf granola! x

      • Thanks so much Jen. Haha… I don’t mind banana chips too much (I dip them in Nutella, absolutely heavenly!) but I do unerstand Aaron’s disdain for them. If I had to choose between banana or chocolate/potato chips though? The latter would win every time! x

    • Defintiely agree Suzanne. Locavores unite! Btw I saw the cutest pair of pug pups on my street last week, one black and one white…. both so tiny and so cute! Thought of you, Izzy and Nando! x

  1. I love places like this, the ones who source local ingredients, and are committed to organics and community. The bread looks awesome and you guys’ breakfast all looks great. I particularly like the toast soldiers :)

    • Yay for toast soldiers! I used to have them all the time when I was a child so it’s nice to see cafe’s embracing the idea. I think you’d like Mary Street, Nazneen! x

  2. Love the way you can give us the atmosphere of those places with your pictures ! It makes me want to go there right now ! This oat porridge looks awesome ! Thanks for sharing !

    • Hello beautiful! Thank you for visiting, I’ve missed so many lovely posts on your site (and just enjoyed catching up on some of those wonderful cocktail posts). Hope that you make it over to Australia one day soon. I think you’d love it x

  3. Breakfast is my favourite meal to eat out for! There is something special about easing into the day with a coffee and letting someone else do the cooking and the dishes. Everything sounds delicious, and I’m so glad to have found another Aussie food blogger :) Can’t wait to read more!

  4. You sure do dine at some fantastic places, Laura. There’s so much to like about this place but, for me, that it relies on locally produced food is most important. One gets a good meal and the area’s local farmers also benefit. A win-win!

  5. I love eating breakfast out and really love the idea of sourcing local ingredients to support the community. The ambiance is so damn good and the food looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures!

    • It’s great isn’t it? I think breakfast is my fave meal to ‘eat out’, it’s heaps of fun exploring and finding new little places. Thanks for the kind words Liz! x

  6. Wow, what a fantastic review …. but I was a bit lost where in the world it was … it’s in Australia I found out with help of Google. I would love to have a good breakfast at this place. Have been planning a trip to Australia for a while now … and my first stop will be Perth, looking at the map … not fare from Highgate.

  7. I see that this place would be perfect for me, my husband & my friends! There are just fine foods that I like to taste & devour! Ooh yes, even banana chips! :) Beautiful pics too! x We have simila places like this here in Mechelen! x

  8. Hats off to you for ordering the healthy breakfast items, Laura. The custard filled doughnut sounds intriguing to this Ninja Baker.Although, the bright fruits and porridge does look appealing =) Thanks to you Mary Street Bakery is on the must-visit if I ever make it to Australia.

    P.s. Kudos to the shop for using locally sourced ingredients =)

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