raw cacao mint truffles


The following recipe was created for my beautiful friend Stephie’s blog, Eat Your Heart Out, as part of her ‘Friends First‘ series for April. I’m re-posting it here primarily for organizational reasons.

I initially stumbled across Stephie’s blog in September last year. I can’t quite remember how (I initially thought it was through her mother, Julie, an equally kind and humorous reader of this blog. In hindsight, I think that she found me through Stephie) but after reading this post I was hooked by Stephie’s down-to-earth warmth, positivity and heartfelt honesty.

I’ve since been a loyal follower of Stephie’s blog (in part because of her incredible baked goods) whilst progressively discovering her feeds on facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And you know what? She’s an amazing inspiration.

Even if she doesn’t like chocolate (yeah… I don’t get it either).


So, onto the recipe. I shared this method for raw cacao mint truffles with Stephie’s readers for two reasons; 1) Stephie hadn’t posted a similar recipe before, and 2) I figured that northern hemisphere readers might appreciate a ‘healthy sweet treat’ in the lead up to summer’s swimsuit months.

The biggest selling point is the fact that they’re no-cook, a.k.a ridiculously easy to prepare. In ten minutes, you’ve got something deliciously satisfying that’s also healthy. It’s a sweet treat to satisfy any chocolate craving.

So without further ado, scroll down for my raw cacao mint truffle recipe. Each bite is packed with both goodness and flavour, so your heart and your body will thank you.


Raw Cacao Mint Truffles

Makes approximately 20 balls

  • 1 cup (100g) raw almond meal (ground almonds)
  • 1/2 cup (60g) raw cacao powder (substitute Dutch process cocoa)
  • 1-2 tsp cacao nibs
  • 4 Medjool dates, pitted and roughly chopped
  • 1-2 tbsp (15-30ml) raw honey*, maple syrup or agave, to sweeten
  • 1 tbsp (15ml) water
  • 2 tbsp (30ml) coconut oil
  • 1-2 drops peppermint oil, to taste
  • Cacao powder, cocoa or desiccated coconut, to roll

Place the almond meal, cacao, dates, water and coconut oil into the bowl of a food processor. Process until the mixture starts to come together. Taste and add some honey, maple syrup or agave to sweeten if required (I used 2 tbsp of honey, however if you’ve used cocoa instead of cacao powder you’ll probably require a little less). Process again and tip into a medium sized bowl.


Add the cacao nibs and a drop of peppermint oil. Mix together, using your hands or a metal spoon. Taste again and add a little more peppermint oil if desired.

With clean hands, roll the mixture into balls (I used ½ tablespoon of mix per ball). Roll each ball into some cocoa powder or desiccated coconut before placing them onto a lined baking tray. Refrigerate or freeze until ready to serve*.

*Use maple syrup or agave as a vegan alternative to honey. Do not keep these balls at room temperature or they will become very soft.


96 responses

  1. These were awesome! I was a bit relieved to hand them off to my husband to take to his dad, because otherwise, I would have eaten all of them before the night was over. And, yeah. I don’t get the non-chocolate thing, either. I’m just glad we found each other (and I have no recollection of when it was, either. I’d have to go through your old posts and read the comments). :)

    • Haha, I went through the comments after Stephie mentioned the pickled cucumber post on her own intro to the Friends First post… and I do think that you found me through that comment! But yes, it’s been a while now and memories are fuzzy. I am very glad that you’re both in my friendship circle now though. You Swope girls are wonderful xxx

    • Hello there Chaya, thanks for leaving a comment! Always nice to meet new people in the blogosphere. Your blog looks lovely also, just checked in on the herby broccoli post. Divine x

  2. Love using dates in goodies like this, I can see myself eating them all in one sitting, will wait to make them when we have company coming!

    • Haha, I get it Brydie! They’re a very strong flavour. I like them but only in dishes where the texture is beneficial… not so much by the handful! I think you might like them in these truffles though, as the ‘crunch’ from the cacao nibs works wonderfully with the softer peppermint cacao surrounds. It’s a pretty good balance xx

  3. You had me at no-bake! It gets so hot here in the summer that I am always on the lookout for treats to make that don’t require turning on the blasted oven. But first I need to hunt down some raw cocoa nibs.

    • Oh, I can definitely relate to this Stacy, my house is the same in Summertime. And our air conditioning is so ineffective when it’s humid. I avoid oven cooking at all costs! Hope that you enjoy these. And you can definitely omit the cacao nibs if they’re not available… or even add in some chocolate chips x

    • Haha, yep the two words can go together sometimes! Hope that you find some cacao nibs, I really like them… but if you can’t, feel free to add in something else you like, e.g. chocolate chips, carob chips, chopped nuts… or nothing at all! xx

  4. Love the combo of mint and chocolate, Laura. That I can enjoy these without having to touch the oven is a blessing. I need to give these a try. Thanks for thinking of us Northerners. :)

  5. How lovely again, Laura! I love to prepare truffles as well, it’s such an easy way to have in your chocolates exactly what you want, no additives, no preservatives etc. Your mint twist sounds just wonderfully refreshing – I will keep that in mind for my next truffle day :-).

  6. Yummmmm. . I love no bake sweet treats! and love the addition of the raw almond meal. . I am obsessed with this and hazelnut meal/flour right now. . and thank you for introducing me to Stephie’s blog!

    • Oh, she’s lovely Alice! And her baked treats are amazing. Isn’t nut meal amazing? I’m loving nut meal cakes, too… particularly hazelnut torte with orange rind and grated dark chocolate. SO good! xx

    • Haha, thanks so much lovely. I feel exactly like that about SO many things I see on the blogosphere… but I guess if we made everything, we’d be the size of a house! I’m planning to make your quick bread (the gorgeous lemony-glazed one) this weekend, quite excited! Hope that you’re going well xx

    • They’re great aren’t they? Little crunchy bits of cacao goodness! I’ve even sprinkled some onto my cereal on occasion. Nice to have things that are delicious and good for you! Thanks for the lovely comment x

    • You know, I really love your new logo! Just makes me happy looking at it in the little avatar space :) Anyway, back to business (of truffles!) – I do hope that your son will like them! x

      • Thank you Laura! I am so happy with the new website, and my little logo, but it’s been stressful migrating content, comments and followers over to the new site. I am still not sure if it’s working correctly or if my new posts are even visible in everyone’s reader! Wish I was one of those tech wiz kids! X

      • Ah, I can imagine the stress that would come with change. It’ll be positive in the long term though! I’ve seen your posts in my reader (I think, from memory) so hopefully all is working fine! Bah, technology moves so quickly… it’s hard to keep up these days! x

    • They’re so good… makes you feel like you’ve had something indulgent despite the ‘healthy’ ingredients! Hope you like them, thanks heaps xx

  7. These must be amazing Laura. I live mint flavours but here apart from my mint plant or buying After Eights I still have been unable to find any mint / peppermint oil for cooking. When I can I ll get it and try these. xx

    • Oh that’s a shame Sofia. I often buy essences and other exotic ingredients online when I can’t find them in my local stores… sometimes it works out to be cheaper too! Can you make your own mint essence using a bit of vodka and your fresh mint leaves? Now I’ve mentioned it I want to try it myself!! :) xx

  8. Yay – choc-mint is just a match made in heaven to me. Stephie doesn’t like chocolate?! Crazy! It reminds me of a friend of my boyfriend, who thought she didn’t like chocolate. It wasn’t until she was 17 or 18 that she actually tasted it for the first time and fell in love, having just trusted her parents when they told her as a child that she hated it! All those chocolate-less years, poor darling!

    • I KNOW, right?? I don’t get it. Haha… oh, your bf’s friend sounds like such a poor deprived child! I didn’t realize that parental brainwashing could be that effective! I’m a total choc mint lover too Caeli. So good… particularly the raw vegan chocolate versions (Loving Earth is one of my favourites) xx

  9. Okay you are spot on with the whole needing-healthy-treats-for-swimsuit-season, but more importantly, the no-bake part will save my life!!!! We’ve already had a few scorching days that are practically breaking my A/C, so turning on the oven is not even a possibility. Yay Laura!!! I can’t wait to try these. ALSO. I can’t believe she doesn’t like chocolate?!? I know these people exist, but every time I come across one it’s like but whyyyy! There are so many incarnations of chocolate; I find it mind-boggling that she doesn’t like any of it! I’m also jealous of course, because if I didn’t like chocolate, who knows how much skinnier I’d be! Haha!

    • Ohhh yes. I definitely agree, if it wasn’t for chocolate I’d probably be able to eradicate most sugar from my life. Darn that delicious stuff! As for Stephie, I don’t get it at ALL but as she’s so awesome I guess we can still be friends (haha). Thanks for the sweet comment. And bah, your diet is amazing Erika… so much goodness. Definitely outweighs some chocolate every now and then! xx

  10. I love ridiculously easy to prepare recipes. Life is too busy and ten minutes is just the perfect timing for me. I have some dates sitting on my countertop right now, after baking several date cakes. Thanks for sharing this. I shall try it over the weekend! Enjoy the rest of the week!

  11. Loving your delicious cacao truffles and you’re a bit of a food inspiration yourself Laura. I happen to heart choc mint and I also have a thing for cocoa nibs in both sweet n savoury dishes. There’s something about choc mint that is so darn classic! Happy weekend lovely gal :)

    • Naw, you’re the sweetest Alice dear! Thank you for the encouragement. Glad that you enjoyed the post… I’m loving cacao nibs at the moment. Deelish! x
      P.S did you grow up eating choc mint Cornetto’s? Those things still have a special place in my heart, though I try not to eat them as much these days!

  12. I am currently gathering raw, no-bake desserts. I love them. Not only because no oven is required but because they’re healthy, delicious, and totally easy to put together. This recipe sounds like a winner! I love the mint and chocolate combo.

    • You’re so right Ruby, they’re great recipes to have at a pinch.. you can create something tasty in no time! Hope that you enjoy this recipe. It’s one of my faves x

    • The dates work really well to add some sweetness and moisture without the need of butter. It’s a really good trick! You can’t really taste them that much in the finished product, they’re overwhelmed a bit by the cacao powder :) Hope you like them David!

  13. These are definitely my type of treat, although I always fall into the trap with these type of “treats” of thinking they’re healthy so I can eat as many as I want, right? ;) Thanks for the link to Stephies blog too – you’re right her baked goods look amazing!

    • Oh yes, I know that trap very well! It’s terrible isn’t it! Glad that you checked out Stephie’s blog. She’s one of the loveliest bloggers around xx

  14. Another beautiful post … I would love to have the whole plate of your truffles, if they were made from orange and raw cacao – don’t like mint and chocolate at all.

    • You can definitely omit the peppermint oil and have plain cacao truffles, or you can grate a little orange rind into the mix (or use orange oil) for chocolate and orange if you prefer. I might do that with my next batch, sounds delicious!

      • I love orange and chocolate in combination – I just to buy the most lovely truffles … at Ullared, when I do my yearly visit.
        Buy loads .. and they are just like home made – at least if I should have done them. *smile
        Have eaten far too many After Eight … that’s why I don’t like mint and chocolate anymore … chili and chocolate is another fantastic combination.

  15. Oh I love your step by step photos. It really makes me feel like I’m right there with you, sneaking a taste of ingredients as we go! I have been wanting to make raw truffles for ages I just have to find a fructose friendly recipe! You have inspired me to keep searching!

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  17. Thank you for posting this. I have just made them! Have been searching far and wide on how to duplicate the raw truffles we buy at the go vita store. And now…. well these are amazing. Thank you

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