life lately (and blogiversary number two)

eleanorblog2It’s been a busy week. Or rather, a ridiculous fortnight. Long work days, high stress, lots of autumn rain and late night milk runs in the dark. However, in the midst of all that, this little blog passed its second blogiversary on 21st May, 2014. Yes, number two.

Two years. That’s twenty four months of recipe notes, hastily snapped photographs, butter-smeared camera lenses and foodie dialogue with those whom I’m now privileged to call friends. I can hardly believe it, but yes… this blog survived its infancy. And the journey has been rather good.


So. I guess it’s customary for the blogiversary celebrant to write a bit of an update on the blog’s evolution and other ‘happenings’ over the past twelve months. I wrote a rather extended post last year, loaded with growth points and facts about my humble (and somewhat ignorant) beginnings.

Well, this year will be a little different. In my ‘old age’, sunny enthusiasm for extended explanations has somewhat waned (I do now have a toddler blog, after all. Exhaustion is unavoidable). However, I do want to say a couple of thank-you’s and share some dot points about what will be happening for myself and Aaron as we travel into the tail end of 2014. Read on, amigos.

A huge thanks to:

  • All of you who have been following this blog since its first humble incarnation. Your comments, kind words and tips on the blog and via social media (facebook, instagram and twitter) make all of the late nights and frustrations seem worthwhile.
  • My family and friends for putting up with my food styling, photo snapping and fussing around meal times. I love you hugely.
  • The (rather large) handful of bloggers who have become beautiful friends whom I’m yet to meet. Your notes and internet hugs are always treasured.


A few snippets of news:

  • I now have a second blog, Second-Hand Stories, which has been well-intended but woefully neglected over the past few months. It’s got nothing to do with food (very far from it!) but if you’re interested, click here to read about the contents. I’m hoping to devote more time to it over the next six months.
  • In approximately five weeks, Aaron and I will be jetting off to the Northern Hemisphere for a few months (partly for work reasons and wholly for adventures). I’m uncertain as to the availability of internet access in different places, so please understand if the frequency of my posts and other commenting seems to drop.
  • Leading on from the previous dot point, if any of you are interested in guest posting on the Mess between July and possibly November 2014, let me know via private message on facebook or twitter. Depending upon the volume of willing guest posters (ha! Or lack thereof…) I may not require every offer but I would love hear from you.

Facts and Stats:


So, that’s it. Another blogging year completed! I cannot wait to see what the next year holds… a huge thanks to all of you for being on the journey with me.

Laura xo

*Thanks to my gorgeous friends Em and Pete for letting me use the above picture of their daughter in the opening shot. I love it. All other shots are from my Instagram account.

129 responses

  1. Wish you a happy 2nd blogiversary Laura!! Keep up the gorgeous work! :)

    Your trip sounds like so much fun!! I’m also going to London this September for my postgrad and I can’t tell you how excited I’m about exploring the new country! Can’t wait to hear all about your travels!

    • Aw, thank you so much Riddhi! Oh yay… hope that you have a fantastic time in London, it’s an amazing city and the weather should be great at that time of year! Thanks for being a beautiful blogging friend xx

    • I know what you mean Brydie, it does seem like forever! I cannot remember exactly when I stumbled across your gorgeous blog and baking bible (sourdough queen!) but I do recall you as being one of my first and most beautiful blogging sisters. Thanks for sticking around, you are a continued inspiration! Hugs xxx

  2. Well done well done well done you!! La la la la la la (that’s Happy blog-day to you)! You are a superlative mother to your toddler blog and all other blogs must look on with envy. I can’t believe you’re abandoning us but it will make your return infinitely more exciting :)
    Hugs xxx
    PS – I shall endeavour to boost the visitor stats for that banana chocolate cake. I reckon I could make (and devour) and good 5 or 6 of those a day-y-y … I mean week, of course I mean WEEK. x

    • Trixie!!! Yay, maybe we can finally meet when Aaron and I travel over to the UK? Feel free to let me know your illusive hometown if you’re interested, we’ll be driving around in a Smartcar (I know…) throughout the month of September. I promise not to be boring. P.S. I do hope that you enjoy the chocolate cake. I did, far too much. In fact, I might just make another…
      Hugs back to you beautiful! xxx

  3. We love you too, dear Laura! Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary!

    I will raise my glass of Champagne to you, your cool personality & your lovely blog with appetizing pictures too!

    You have become a very dear friend to me! :) xxxx Hoeray! xxx

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