meat cake and puppy teeth


My husband bought me a laptop for Christmas. Well, Christmas and my birthday and our fourth wedding anniversary last year. Due to the notable expense, it was a few presents in one.

It’s beautiful; shiny and new and expeditious. After almost an entire year of stealing hours on Aaron’s desktop computer (read my original eulogy here) it feels like a luxury to have my own device again.

As I had hoped, the accessibility of a laptop has somewhat rekindled my passion for creative writing. I’ve been tapping away at all hours of the day and night, sipping cold tea and humming absentmindedly. I’ve also uploaded almost twelve months of digital photos from my DSLR, uncovering many edible inventions and several hundred (no, I’m not joking) photographs of Loki (our scraggly fur-kid with ambrosial eyes).


ballAh, Loki. He’s one family member who’s less than fond of my Christmas present. Within a few days, he identified the laptop as competition for my undivided attention (second only to my cell phone). He takes great pleasure in lying across the keypad, ‘nosing’ my hand away from the keys at every given opportunity.

This occasionally leaves wet smudges on the corners of the screen. I kind of like them; I’ve left them to dry like a little line of clouds.

They’re evidence of his friendly occupancy, his shared residence of this shoebox of ours. This place is his home.


It’s hard to believe we’ve had this smart little bundle of energy for over twelve months now. We celebrated his first birthday last September and, rather cheesily, I baked him a ‘meat cake’ with sweet potato and carrot ‘frosting’.


It was an improvised job, a spontaneous project based on this idea by my friend Trixie. I packed it full of his favourite things (minus the loose ‘anything on Aaron’s plate’ category) in this order:

  • cake: one beaten egg (plus the ground eggshell – just dry them out and pound them up in your mortar and pestle), about 350g of beef mince, chopped parsley and some bone marrow (leftover from bone broth) mixed and oven-baked in a small 15cm/6 inch lined tin until firm (160 degrees C /320 degrees f for roughly 20 minutes from memory). Allow to cool, remove from tin and invert onto a plate.
  • frosting: mash one small steamed sweet potato and one steamed carrot (peel left on) together with some bone broth to loosen. Spread over cooled meat cake.
  • decorations: Italian parsley leaves and sliced vegetable leather (from my favourite local Perth dog bakery, Go Fetch)

I was rather pleased with his level of enthusiasm:

lokiup side ear lick bite fini

Yep. One happy dog, although I can’t really extol my canine baking skills – he’s rather unfussy when it comes to food. We’re very, very lucky.

Hopefully he feels like he’s lucky, too.

hugs laurloki

I treasure each moment with this pup; his tentative growls, morning licks, keen stick legs and pleading eyes (usually whilst I’m eating my cereal. Or eating anything. The common factor is eating). He’s always enthusiastic, regardless of fatigue, fear or pain.

The trust, unconditional love and genuine affection you receive from a dog is incredibly humbling. It makes me want to be better, to try harder, both for him and because of him.

He deserves the very best of me (as does my husband. No, not just because he bought me a computer).


Thanks for indulging this very personal, sentimental post of mine (I do hope those of you who keenly follow my Loki photos on Instagram feel satisfied with a big ol’ dose of scraggly cuteness! For those who don’t – I assure you my next post will be something vegetarian and delicious).

I’m praying for many more years of meat cakes and nose smudges. It’s definitely worth the daily vacuum bag full of dog hair.

35 responses

    • Argh, it’s so difficult to get off too. I’ve invested in a few different lint brushes but they’re pretty ineffective for puppy hair. Drives me mad! They’re worth the dog hair though. And the poop scooping ;) Thanks Conor!

  1. Thats an incredibly wonderful cake and I just love Loki. I think it’s brilliant using the ground egg shell and bone marrow which is so good for our little friends. I miss my sweet pugs so much. I loved this post it was beautiful Laura.

    • Thanks so much Suzanne, I was actually thinking of you whilst writing this post. My heart hurts for you lovely. Your sweet pugs will always be part of your blog too, I loved (and still love) reading about their adventures in your kitchen and elsewhere. I’m not going to waste a moment with Loki! Sending you hugs xxx

  2. What a beautiful dog Loki is. We have 3 dogs Laura, Molly a border collie cross, Ossie a cairn terrier and Floyd a jack russell cross. They are in their vintage years and are quite spoilt, we’ve had great times together I just cant imagine life without them. I think they’d love to have their own birthday cake. Thanks for the recipe

    • Aw thank you Kerrie! Wow, you’ve got a full house! We’ve been contemplating getting a second dog (we would love Loki to have a furry companion) but we’re holding back whilst living in an apartment. Aaron and I have always loved dogs and we’ll always have dogs I think. They just make life better :) Thanks so much for the comment lovely! x

  3. Steinbeck and Emmy just saw this and they don’t care if Trump wins or not–they are moving in with you. They are in the midst of packing their bags and hoping they arrive just in time for you to make them a cake, too. Hope Loki likes beagles. ;) Love this post!!

    • Aw, thanks so much lovely! Haha. We’re lucky to have him in our tiny household! I do hope you get another dog soon. They’re definitely effort (as you know) but entirely worth it for the love and cuddles ;) xx

  4. Lucky Loki!!! You can tell that little guy is loved. And I’m passing the link to this post to my daughter with her wacky bundle of fur who fills her instagram posts! Fun post Laura!!

  5. Look at Loki! That’s one happy and adorable pup:) you spoil him, Laura, but I do the same haha

    And what a wonderful Christmas present from your love! So thoughtful. Love seeing more of your writing xx

    • You’re completely right Ksenia, I do think we spoil him! He’s the sweetest little thing though, so difficult to say no when you see those pleading eyes! Thanks so much, hugs xxx

  6. If I had read this post two years ago (before our beloved Sofia entered our home), I would have thought that you were insane. Now, I subscribe any single word. Loki is very very lucky and your cake is stunning!

    • Haha, I think I would have thought I was mad too Francesca! I never understood the whole ‘fur baby’ thing prior to having Loki (and having a small dog is entirely different to having a large one, I think… it’s like they’re puppies forever). Thanks so much xx

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  8. I’ve just seen this! Happy birthday Loki, and birthday/wedding anniversary/belated xmas Laura :) Here’s to many more (with loads more meat cake) x

    PS – Clemmie sits on my arms when I’m at my laptop. Ideally, she’d also have her nose on the mouse pad so she can open random apps and send emails to the wrong people on my behalf. Neat. But I love her.

    • Trix!!! This was indeed spammed, I have no idea why?! Thanks so much for the lovely note. Haha, I think Clemmie and Loki would get along swimmingly – Loki’s nose and paw have created havoc on my computer on more than one occasion! He also has no regard for my need to ‘work’ when I’m home. Obviously any time at home should be play time with him, haha. Sending you hugs, miss you two lovelies! xx

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