a winter’s end ft. maxwell + williams


I’ve gotten really behind on this blog space. Like, months behind. Life has forged ahead in a barrage of late nights, early mornings, frozen dinners and lukewarm coffees consumed in a weak attempt to maintain sanity.

I’ve missed comments, questions and emails. I’ve been dismally sporadic on social media. Let’s just say that my time and energy for this space have recently dissipated (as have my normal working hours and pimple-free complexion) and I’m hoping that things will get better soon.


Anyway, in the midst of the busyness (a couple of months ago) the kind folks at Maxwell & Williams sent me a few of their products to style in a winter shoot. Think: mulled wine, clustered candles, warm light and layered textiles with natural timber.

I was so excited. I bought a fruity Shiraz to mull with star anise, cloves and heady citrus. I started planning for colour contrasts against rich acacia wood. But despite the best of intentions, most of winter ran away from me (sans the energy required for a candlelit dinner party) and late June became mid-July. Eventually, grand ideas gave way and I improvised. Blogger life, right?

So, in absence of an official shoot, I’m sending images your way of these gorgeous products in a less formal manner. Instead of candles and rich spices, you’ve got sunlight and Mexican food. A little representative of the change of seasons, really.


Heading up this post is the Little Jungle Terrarium Orbit (top, 13cm, $29.95). Something I never thought I’d feature in my kitchen (sooo #hipsterhome) but it’s rather adorable in its shiny roundness. I’ve filled mine with soft green herbs, mulch and organic earth (not a plastic deer in sight) and the concept has worked beautifully. I’m happy to say that three weeks on, the herbs are growing steadily in their glistening new home, with new tendrils of thyme curling towards the windowsill. Happiness*.

*click away if you’re after a more traditional DIY on how to fill the perfect terrarium


sampleinstaSecond to be featured is the gorgeous Artisan Long Board (55 x 20.1 x 1.8cm, $49.95, above) which is begging to be used as a centrepiece for entertaining. I’ve used it as a backdrop for a casual Mexican flat-lay (or mis en place, if you will) but I’m already planning a dinner party where it will be laden with beet dip, spelt seeded crackers, leafy Dutch carrots and a wedge of piquant blue cheese.

The quality acacia wood adds instant warmth to a table setting. In a couple of months, I’m sure you’ll be able to play spot-the-long-board on this ‘ol blog. It’s already a firm favourite.


So. Big thanks to Maxwell & Williams inspiring this post with warm timber, rope and glass. And, as always, thanks to those of you who read this blog and engage with content. I do hope that I’ll have some new recipes up for you soon.

In the meantime, you’ll find plenty of deliciousness (including the recipe for my black bean tacos, above) in my recipe index.

Disclaimer: the Little Jungle Terrarium Orbit and Artisan Long Board featured in this post were supplied by Maxwell & Williams. No monetary compensation was received and as always, all views expressed are my own. #yourstyleyourway

23 responses

  1. Beautiful shots, and I love seeing all those Southwest and Mexican ingredients on your long board! Looks like home!

    While it’s nice to see you back, don’t stress and come back when you are ready and your energy is back for it. I promise – we will all wait!

    Hugs from this side of the planet,

    • Thank you David. So grateful for the hugs and words. I really have somehow made some brilliant blogging friendships on here, I truly think that people who love food and writing are some of the best! I think I’m eventually going to get back on here (the energy is returning) and I look forward to catching up on some inspiration over at Cocoa and Lavender! Hugs back from down under! x

    • Thanks so much Conor. Yes I must get myself motivated again!! Work is finally starting to give me a bit of breathing time so I’m looking forward to creating something soon… In the meantime I must catch up on your posts!

    • Oh thank you so much Suzanne. You are such a wonderful friend, I appreciate the kind words! So glad that at least I can keep track of you via instagram these days (with our furkids!) but I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on! x

  2. I hope ‘real work’ hasn’t been keeping you from your blog Laura – sometimes it’s just too hard to fit everything in. But food to see you got some inspiration – hopefully will get you back into it 😄

    • Thanks so much Laura. And yes, the real world stuff overtakes sometimes :) I do still love escaping into the kitchen to cook but I haven’t photographed anything for ages. Must change that soon, now that we’re getting a little more daylight (spring has finally arrived!). Hope that you are going well lovely x

      • Yes I agree with you on the extra daylight – means I can now try for reasonable photos of my dinner. And yes I’m also enjoying spring and a little behind on my blog planning but trying to take a more natural approach rather than forcing myself to write something every week….

    • Oh thank you lovely, sorry for the delayed reply and my total absence from the blogging world recently. Hope that you are going well, I love your creations and I need to catch up on some reading soon! x

  3. I’m jumping up & down! So glad to find you back Laura! And never worry about not having a new recipe, you photos are so sumptuous and brilliant. They are more than enough. Hope all’s going well with you. New job going well? Enjoying a cozy winter? So fun to hear about your photo shoot job– that’s perfect for you! Happy to find you again! Take care… xo

    • Aw you are lovely Rhonda, I am sorry for taking so long to get back to you!!! I appreciate the kind words and I’m sending you plenty of hugs across the seas! The job has consumed a lot of my energy and time. I’m still cooking but hardly photographing anything in daylight, also due to the winter months we’ve been having. Spring has now sprung and I’m getting a bit more work-life balance back. Hopefully I can create another recipe post too. Hope that you’re going well, I need to catch up on some blog reading! Hugs xx

      • What fun to find your message Laura!! I know you’ve had a change in life with your new (not so new now) job! Hoping it’s really satisfying and gives you a lot of joy… And I know what it’s like to cook winter dinner and there’s no sun for a good photo. And I do do miss your posts and mostly the warm and welcoming was you ask us all in to all you’re doing. I’m sure everyone who reads your posts, feels like a friend… I do have big news– I’m up in San Francisco now because my daughter had her first baby couple days ago– little Lois and it’s just a wonder to hold her close and sit forever watching her squirm and make little quirky faces. So much joy. So I do hope all is well for you and your Aaron too– that you are happy in your job and finding lots of joy with family and friends there. Thanks so much for taking the time to send a little note. It means a lot to hear from you… hugs hugs.

  4. Don’t I know that feeling – it’s amazing how long can pass without realising. I too am finding it increasingly difficult to put time into my blog. Are you working a new job? Hope whatever it is, you’re enjoying it (despite the abnormal working hours!) x

    • Hey lovely, sorry for the late reply to this. And yup, my job and workload has changed, still social work but some unfamiliar clinical stuff. Not so fun but hey, that’s ‘adulting’ right?! Hope that you’re going ok, I do often think of you due to our occupational crossover! I need to catch up on my favourite blogs. I do love reading your adventures Caeli x

  5. The photos are stunning, Laura! You have set up such a cozy and inviting space to feature the food and the lovely products. Hope you are doing okay despite the busyness. I know firsthand how quickly we get swept up in all those things I file under “necessary real life stuff,” but I hope that it easies up soon. xx

    • Thanks so much Ksenia, sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond to this. You sum things up so well. Real life stuff overtakes my dreamy food adventures far too often these days! Never mind. Means a lot to have friends in the blogging sphere who keep checking back in. You are wonderful and I’m sending you a hug! xx

  6. Always wanted to know how to put a terrarium together. That was an informative link, Laura. Thanks. Looking forward to your posting some recipes sometime soon. :)

    • Aw thank you so much Mary. I appreciate the kind words and thoughts. Terrariums are such lovely little things, so versatile too. Hope that you enjoy putting one together! x

  7. Girllllll when I come to Perth will you feed me that amazing spread up there??? I so understand how life gets in the way of blogging (ahem also guilty over here *raises hand*) but glad to have you back for a quick minute! Your comments always brighten up my day so much!!! <333

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