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brekkycloseGood morning beautiful people. Just a very quick post this morning to apologise for the recent changes in layout, menus and user-friendliness here at Laura’s Mess. I’ve been experimenting, in the hope that I’ll find something perfectly fitting to my individual blog, but alas… at present I’m settling with the best of many not-quite-right options. I think this is the point where I let out a big sigh whilst lamenting my inadequate knowledge of HTML. It’s ridiculously complicated, and I’ve concluded that I have no hope of actually designing my own web page. I’ve spent a few hours learning the basics via HTML Dog and I still feel like my knowledge represents a pea in a giant communal pan of paella.

Anyway, moving on. To make this post remotely food-related, I’ve added in a few pictures of my first breakfast. By ‘first’, I mean that I’m actually going out for breakfast this morning at the civilized time of 9.00am. Being me, I was too hungry to wait, so straight to my default ‘yoghurt mess’.


This little concoction has become my go-to combination for breakfasts, snacks and mid-afternoon energy boosts. It contains natural yoghurt (my favourite brands are currently Gippsland Natural Organic Yoghurt and Mundella Natural Greek Yoghurt), berries (I love strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and redcurrants), chopped raw almonds, white Chia seeds, chopped Medjool dates and puffed Amaranth. I sometimes add in some wholegrain oats or quinoa seeds if I’m extra hungry. I’ve already talked about the nutritional benefits of many of these ingredients in previous posts (for instance, take a look at Honey Chia Muesli Slice or my Banana Bread recipes for information on Chia seeds and quinoa), so all I’m going to say this morning is that it’s wonderful that something so delicious can actually be good for you.

To end, I’m just going to add in the most recent photo we’ve taken of our little bean-birds. These days, they actually have no resemblance to beans whatsoever – they’re miniature versions of fully grown Willie Wagtails – and their fat little bodies are having trouble fitting into their tiny nest. Their poor parents have now been relegated to nearby tree branches, but I don’t think they mind. They’re too busy trying to fight off neighbourhood cats, pigeons and unsuspecting apartment dwellers.

beanstacklsI love these beautiful little creatures. I’ll be sad to eventually see them go. As always, thanks for reading, and I promise that next time I’ll have a complete recipe for you!

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